Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Three Amigos

These kids have grown close together and have a maturity beyond their years because of the trials they've experienced at such a young age. Each of them will accomplish great things and be a blessing to others. We feel blessed to be their parents.
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Family Picture

Family Picture 2008. Taken in July shortly before Emily's transplant.
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Mount Vernon


Looking out of the servant's quarters in the front of George Washington's house.
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Walking on the Beach


This is a great memory Jill and I have of walking down a secluded beach in Hawaii.
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Sunrise at Mackinaw Island


I took this while Jill and I were on an early morning run around the 8-mile island.
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Towering Tulips


Tulips at Thanksgiving Point
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Sand Lines


San Diego
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Mackinaw Island

Matt's work sent us to Mackinaw Island, north of Michigan, for a one week seminar. We enjoyed the beauty of the island and our stay in the Grand Hotel, where "Somewhere in Time" was filmed.
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Thomas' Baptism

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Baptized on October 7, 2006. It was a great day!

Sacred Grove

While on a business trip, Matt and Jill had the opportunity in June of 2007 to visit Palmyra, New York and see the Church sites. One of our favorite memories is when we woke up and saw the sunrise in the sacred grove. There was a sweet feeling within us as we walked through the grove, listened to the birds, talked with each other and thought about the sacred event that happened there years ago.
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Video of Sacred Grove

I had to grab a little video on our still camera of the Sacred Grove, in the grove location where many think Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.