Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lehi girls dominate!

The Varsity girls got a great start!

You can see how STRONG these girls are! No one could have guessed most of them had head colds! 
All runners must have cheerleaders... even cheer dogs!
Way to go Jac on coming in
  3rd place overall with a PR of 18:30!
The girls were so excited to take home their 1st place trophy!
Maddie, Emily, Kenzie, Jac, Nicole, Chelsea
Lehi XC is the BEST!

The youngest...

Emily has been enjoying life as usual with her amazing imagination and creativity. Be careful when you throw anything away... Emily has an amazing radar and gravitates right to it.  She came home with a huge stash of treasures from her cousins house a few weeks ago. (Thanks Amber) :)
Me: "Why were you in the garbage?"
Emily: "These things shouldn't have been in the garbage mom!"

To be honest, being the youngest isn't always easy when you have to be taken away from your biggest love...playing with FRIENDS, to cheer on siblings in all their activities. 
She is a good sport, especially when she has friends like Diesel that come to watch!
Even though she doesn't like to break away from her friends...(she's been known to call the whole neighborhood at 7:00am looking for someone to play with instead of going to a game or meet... sorry neighbors; she is a very determined little girl and doesn't give up easily!) We LOVE it when she is with us! How could you not love that smile?


Happy #13 Thomas!
It's hard to believe we have 2 teenagers I mean YOUTH in our family now! I must admit it's quite fun :)
We all celebrated by watching him play in his soccer game

It's been great having so much support from our Grandparents!
We love you guys!

Happy Birthday Thomas!
My little boy!
I think he's grown up a bit, don't you?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Murray Invite

58 schools, beautiful weather...just a little bit of rain (for the girls anyway) and an amazing varsity team!
Is that Jac at the front of the pack? Why YES it is :)
This is the final stretch as Jac comes up right behind Candace from Orem... They are great friends but that doesn't stop their drive for competition! Jac was SO close! It must be the new spandex the team is wearing!

Jac finished in 14th out of 900+ girls! The girls did AMAZING finishing 
7th overall and  2nd in 5A!!!

It's a great year for Lehi XC!

Thomas is an "ANIMAL"

Friday night Thomas ran in the pouring rain. He didn't care, he had a mission; a mission to keep his first place status against "Spandex Boy". This boy is actually a very cool kid but it makes for a good story hee hee :)
He and Matt had discussed a plan knowing that this kid would be coming on strong and this is exactly what happened. Thomas kept his cool and passed him on the final stretch blowing the poor kid away. 
Grandma and Grandpa Whiting made it just in time to see the final minute of this exciting race and I got to hear a play by play over the phone. Thomas was so excited! He didn't even care that he was covered in mud and headed up to go camping with his Dad.
 These pictures were taken when he got home from camping... mudd dried but still ALL over his body! A very happy boy!
Not only was he an ANIMAL at the race but Thomas came an ANIMAL during his soccer game too!

 He has been hesitant because the kids are so much smaller than him; so he has been holding back.
Matt challenged him to be more aggressive on the field and go all out... he took this challenge to heart and you could tell! His determination to go out and give it his all, payed off BIG TIME! He did amazing. I think the funnest part was watching how excited Grandma Whiting got as she punched her arms in the air and screamed for Thomas the whole time. It was a great success and he didn't hurt any of the boys! Well, physically anyway :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A mountain wedding

Our niece Lindsay was married to Jeff Bellio in the Colorado Mountains... just their style :)
 Grandpa Heaps married them as Isabella, their 6 month old joined the celebration

Only at a wedding do you get to sit on a velvet coach in the mountains :)
We were excited to be there for their big day even if it meant driving 10 hours in one day to do it.
It was definitely worth the drive! (Especially when you are entertained by Matt and his brothers!)
Angela and Monica
Angela and Roary
Shirley, Sherry, Angela, Jill
Chris, Ryder and Camille
We even got to enjoy a romantic picnic after the ceremony :)
Steve, Joe, Matt and Richard Heaps
Sylvia and Richard
Lindsay wanted the ladies to wear fun hats and the men to wear cowboy boots... It was fun to see all the fancy hats. (we went last minute so missed the memo)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kawanis 2K

Get ready for Thomas' 2nd race...

Thomas #1 goal...
BEAT "Spandex Boy"!

As you can see, Thomas got off to a great start and quickly worked his way to the front
to pass...SPANDEX BOY! Thomas came in behind him at the last race and he was determined not to let it happen again... poor guy, he didn't know what was coming! :)
1st place!
Thomas was very excited as I am sure you can imagine. He also knows that Spandex Boy will be out to get him next race! Isn't competition great?!
The cheerleaders :)
The Lehi team did AMAZING! They all placed really high in their age divisions. Watch out Highschool...they are going to be READY!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A new look...

Thomas has been wanting a "new look" for quite some time... We finally gave in to his wishes :)
He couldn't wait for this day to get here!
His teeth have to be prepped and pearly white for a look like this!
Yep, Thomas has entered the world of BRACES!! 
I think he looks a little too good with his "new look"! 
Congrats, BRACE FACE :)

Annual Airport Drive Party...

Is summer over? Not for Airport Drive friends!
We all enjoyed one last summer evening together playing on water slides,eating, laughing and visiting!
Jayden and Emily are great friends!

Thanks to our great neighbors for making the end of the summer something to look forward to!