Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Senior Pics

Mom's fav ;)

Yep, She's a beauty ;)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Daddy Daughter Masquerade Ball

Emily has looked forward to this special night all year!!

 A date night with her Dad...dancing the night away!

What could be better than that?!

Thomas' 9th Grade Night Dance

Same night as Prom...the 9th Grade Night Dance (yep, we are getting old!)

Thomas brought home a "few" friends...a few boys that is! Seriously though, what a great group of kids!


Deep down inside, Jac LOVES to dress up ;)

Prom this year was with Landon Greenwood
Jac enjoyed the evening with her old swim team buddies

Friday, April 25, 2014


 I love watching Thomas race...always pushing to do his very best! He is feeling much stronger since he started eating more to fuel his body!

Liz Wilson is in Matt's ward...we LOVE this girl! She came to cheer Thomas on :)

This was how excited Liz was when we came to watch one of her meets!

Monday, April 21, 2014


BOSTON TIME!! We decided to be super "smart" and take the redeye took off at 11:30 pm!

Let's just say, we are too old to be up all night ;)

We arrived on a very windy cold morning.

Good thing we had the Expo to explore!
This expo was HUGE!! 2 levels and FILLED with so many vendors! We had a great time walking around enjoying EVERYTHING! We wanted to soak it all in!

BOSTON STRONG; such a great modo!

The first woman to run Boston! 
Hal Higdon...a running legend!
What can we say? :)
This was a really awesome manual powered treadmill.  The woman who ran the furthest in 5 minutes got a free pair of Topo running shoes...I'm always up for a challenge! Oh, and I won! pretty sweet ;)
We loved exploring Boston...what a beautiful city and the most friendly people around!

We walked about 10 or more miles every day...not the best for racing a marathon but how could we miss out on Boston? Don't worry, Matt took some time to "elevate"
Standing in front of the finish line...what an amazing experience it was to be here; especially on year after the bombings. So many emotions! We felt so privileged to be a part of it!

The bagel shop was closed but they were kind enough to give us their left overs! Carb loading taken to a whole new level ;)
Sunday was spent going to a non-denominational church service...What amazing ladies these ministers are! We had such a neat experience sharing our beliefs about Jesus Christ with each other. They had no idea that we believe in Jesus Christ...We are more alike then they realize! What sweet, good Christian women! My testimony was strengthened as I shared my testimony of Adam and Eve...we are part of such a great plan! 
We decided to visit MIT TECH

Resting those legs and walking around Harvard.

The buildings were incredible!
The hotel had this awesome good luck note and cookie medal waiting for Matt!
The big day was FINALLY HERE!!
Matt was ready to go!
This is at mile 24...he is so amazing!
Hardest marathon of his life but he loved it! They didn't have any GU until mile 18 so he was in desperate need of fuel. It was a beautiful, very hilly course, and a very warm day. There were 1 million spectators! Starting at the VERY BEGINNING! There were people cheering the entire cool is that?!
Matt was a CELEBRITY! Everywhere we went he was getting VIP treatment. Even big guys who don't even run were patting him on the back giving him high fives telling him congrats!
I can't tell you how proud I am of this guy! (can you see the salt on his face?!)
They had a party at Fenway for all the runners

Matt hung out in his race gear all day... showers are so overrated!

Tuesday we walked/ran the Freedom trail before having to leave for home...too bad we didn't have time to really take it all of our list next time ;)
BOSTON, thanks for being so good to us!
we WILL be back!