Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Presenting... Thomas Edison!

Today Thomas was, Thomas... Thomas Edison, that is :)
The 5th grade puts on a "Wax Museum" each year. The students pick a hero and learn all they can so they can become that person for a day giving everyone facts about their life.
Did you know that Thomas Edison invented the LIGHTBULB? Well, now you do:)
As a kid, I didn't have much school,
Because my teacher called me addle.
My mom said, it was because I was to cool
And since she was my teacher, she didn't give me the paddle.

I was smart, I used the telegraph
To tell everyone about the news.
So when I got there, they cleared the path
So they could get a newspaper without their shoes.

My mom's headstrong, that is true,
She had seven children, out of the blue
I was told, never to give up
So when I was down, I would get back up

I never said anything bad about anyone
And when I got famous, I gave credit to everyone
I always went to work, no matter what
Even if I was in a big rut

I was first married in 1871
I loved her so she was my true only one
But then she died, I was so sad
So later, I married Mina, she wasn't so bad

I invented the shiny glass bulb
it could burn daily because I was bold
When I was 84 I did die
I was just glad I didn't lie

By Thomas Heaps

Yes, my son is amazing! He is very handsome, very smart and quite the actor!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Track begins!

Lehi Track season is finally here. Didn't the weatherman know that it was supposed to be SUNNY and WARM??
The girls were determined to do their best even if the wind was pushing against them!
On your mark...
Can you tell its FREEZING?? Naa, they are just REALLY stressed about their race :)
Jac loves to have Kenzie running the 1600 and 800 races with her. They have so much fun.
Friends are 90% of what make sports so great!
Thanks Angee, for the great pics :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

How do you get ready for a race?


enjoy the haka!

we did this before our medley relay to warm us up!


it's STATE time!
"Swimmers, take your mark," the announcer announces. The moment was finally here. The moment I'd been working towards for quite some time. It was here and I wanted to do my very best. The buzzer went off and the moment had started.

I swam trying to remember the list of things I needed to do to have a perfect stroke for my 100 breast. I felt fast. I tried to beat the girl next to me. I thought it was a pretty good race, until I looked at the board. No time drop-again. Oh well! This couldn't ruin my day even though I was pretty frustrated. I decided to blame it on a cursed cricket that chirped in my window last October!

Hannah gained time in her event as well. We both were inwardly frustrated, so we decided that Great Harvest was calling our name. We stopped by and got some oooey-goooey cinnamon rolls and of course some samples!

We were pumped for our 200 free relay that we were going to do that night! Since it was a relay, we all wanted to be a team. Hannah and I ran over to the Legacy Center and got some caps to decorate for everybody.
Aren't they just gorgeous?
Kylie, Ellie, me, and Hannah were all going to do our very best on this event. The purpose was to have fun, so we didn't worry too much about our times. We even got in a prayer huddle before and after our race. I really do think Heavenly Father helped us!
In the end, Ellie recieved a qualifying time for state (at state), Kylie dropped at least a half of a second, I went a 29.2! (I've never gone under a high 31 before:), and Hannah went a 27 for the very first time. We were all very excited and energetic because of our race. We just won't remember that we got disqualified...:) It was way to much fun to ruin it with that kind of news!
I have never done a relay before in swimming, so this was a blast! I love the team feeling you get. I knew that I had to swim my hardest because everyone else was depending on me. I loved it!

After our free relay, I was ready to tackle my races waiting to be swum the next day!
This time when the starter said, "Swimmers, take your mark," I was ready, but nervous. The only thing that I wanted to do was beat the faster girl next to me.

I did my very best to stay with her. On every turn, I would catch up with her! We were very close until the last lap. My body was dead tired, but I tried my hardest to push through it! I didn't beat the girl, or my time, but I did try harder than I ever had! That was a pretty nice feeling.

I also had to realize that it was an accomplishment just to make it to state! It gets a little discouraging to swim with the fastest swimmers- you go from being at the top, to the bottom! You just have to remember all the people that didn't even qualify, and it makes you feel a little better!

I was excited once again for the addicting team feeling. But today, we were doing the medley relay. Before the race, we made a deal with Bret. After thinking through our times, he felt confident that we would go about a 2:15. Our seed time was a 2:21, so we were excited that he thought we could go faster. We got so excited that we convinced him that we could push him in the pool at practice if we went a 2:12.00 or faster. He agreed because he didn't really think we would go that fast.

I started our relay off by swimming the backstroke. We had to swim with boys because they combined our heats. After I swam, it was Jentry's turn to swim the butterfly. There was no cheering for Jentry on her orders- it makes her laugh during her race:) Then Hannah sped us up on the breaststroke and Ellie helped us beat the boys next to us in the freestyle! We ended up going a 2:10! Beating our deal time by 2 seconds!
Keep all electronic devices out of your pocket, Bret! Into the water with you! Hee-Hee-Hee!

Afterwards we were in the mood to hang-out! Something about racing together and cheering for each other makes you want to be silly.

Mom took us all to the Bountiful Costco to get pizza! When we got home, we called Kylie over and we had a blast! Whether it be bathroom-ophobia, cookies and popcorn, or sardines, we loved it all! We laughed and laughed right until 11:00!

I am so grateful for good friends that influence me to do good. I'm so glad that they love to be silly with me and that we can enjoy being together!

Is Jac the cutest or what??? It was worth driving up to Bountiful 4 times in a row to see her hard work pay off and watch her have a total blast with her friends!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Middle East

Heres a "few" pictures Matt took while on his WORK trip to the Middle East last March. He LOVES his job!!!
The Roman city of Jarash or Decapolis. It is mentioned in the book of Mark and was one of the 10 biggest cities in the territory of Rome. This is the southern gate of the city.
Lydia, the younger woman has helped our humanitarian missionaries in various projects. She is progressive in her thinking and although a devote muslim, has no problems leading out in her community. Her mother fixed us lunch and was very kind. We automatically tried to shake her hand but she quickly pulled back and politely told us she could not touch us. She taught us that instead of shaking hands with a muslim woman you put your hand over your heart, slightly bow, and express your gratitude.
Arabs are very hospitable and we had to turn down many meals. Strangers even offered us lunch and would have given us a feast even though they are on limited incomes. Sometimes the food didn't look that good but it was super delicious. We would take the flat bread and pinch the food and eat. This was yogurt (similar to Greek yogurt) and olive oil, and we also had rice pudding with butter poured over the top. The glasses had a sour milk that resembled buttermilk. I was lucky enough to give mine to one of the sister missionaries while the guest was out of the room. She loved it and I just had to pass on this one...
Bedouin sheep herders still exist and live their life much like their ancestors have for thousands of years.
This is the actual railway that Lawrence of Arabia used.
The Romans were expert at gathering and storing water. As you walk into Petra you wind down a path much like the narrows in Zion. After the Romans captured Petra they carved this rain gutter into the rock which funneled down water into the city.
We were able to visit "Petra" while in Jordan. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is a city that was built over 3,000 years ago by the Nabataeans, an industrious Arab people. The Romans eventually took it over and continued to build. The buildings and houses were literally carved right out of the side of cliffs. In order to get to the main part of the city you have to walk down a mile long path that leads you through something the resembles Zion's narrows.
A Jordanian taxi cab driver in Petra.
The disks of stone in the background are toppled pillars to a temple. Sometimes they stacked stone disks on each other to create a giant column and then plastered the outside to make it look like it was one giant piece of stone.
You see the funniest things while traveling.
This city is located on the southern shores of the Dead Sea. We were exploring a possible water project there and met with city leaders near this soccer field.
This villlage was located on the South of the Dead Sea. They have trouble providing enough healthy drinking water to their community. This lucky family can drive to a make-shift water plant and get drinking water for the week.
We investigated a few springs in Jordan which gave us the opportunity to hike through the Jordanian hills in the spring time. It was beautiful. From left to right we have Elder Frandsen, Elder Boyd, and Elder Colson.
Jordan in the spring time.
Parts of this irrigation system was built by the Romans. This is where the spring is captured and a local is refilling his water jug for his journey down the road.
I love this picture because a child is child and a dad is a dad in whatever country, culture, or religion that exists in the world. We need more understanding, communication, and patience with each other. I became quick friends with this Sheik who was the mayor of his town.
Another look at ruins from the great Roman city of Decapolis or Jarash. It extended on for another mile or two.
A plant managing to grown between stones cut and set thousands of years ago.
The Romans were short people. This is one of the main entrances into one of two theaters they had in Decapolis.
This was the city center of Decapolis. It was basically a giant roundabout for chariots.
The main road was made out of stone and still show chariot wheel marks.
The main road lead to Rome and in the city it was lined with columns.
Elder Colson talking with local leaders and construction personnel that have been apart of the reverse osmosis system we installed for the community.
Another Sheik having us over for lunch. He served us our food by picking up a piece of meat with his bare hand and putting it on our plate. He ate his whole meal with his bare hands, right from the serving dish. Luckily he offered us some forks and stayed away from our side of the platter. We also shared two glasses of water with 9 people. Elder Frandsen and I were the first two people who drank from the cup. I was smiling inside out of gratitude and had to keep in my laugh as I saw the look of horror on Elder Boyd's face who was located at the end of the line.
Another spring site we hiked to and investigated. I gained a new appreciation for how much Christ must have loved the springtime.
Boys in Egypt. You'll notice girls and women are missing from many of my pictures because of their belief that they should not show too much of themselves to strangers.

This little guy melted my heart. He immediatley accepted me when I walked into their village (not a common thing) and he blew me kisses when we left.
This is a nice bathroom for a family living in the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt.

Egypt is doing pretty good with their water system. They have great treatment plants and most of their communities are piped, but the pipes are so old now that they are leaking and contaminating the clean water from their plants. We're going to help them replace pipe in an area south of Cairo.
A mother in Egypt pouring drinking water she bought in the market. The water in their home is strictly used for washing.
Hygiene is one of the last things to develop in a society. This butcher couldn't have picked a worse location for his open air meat shop.

We had an opportunity to visit the National Museum of Egypt. It had statues, mummies, and so many more remnants that date back 5,000 years. It is also the home of the King Tut exhibition. It was neat to see items from the time of Abraham, Joseph, and Moses. Statues that they might have looked upon, columns they might have walked around, and parts of buildings they might have entered.

The pyramids were amazing. History came to life..

Matt and Elder Frandsen standing on a mid-evil castle built in the New Testament town of Saidon. Elder Frandsen is one of our best short-term specialists for Clean Water. I tried to soak up all the technical information as possible. It is always a blessing to associate with senior missionaries who are consecrating their time, talents, and treasure for the work of the Lord.

These are some medieval ruins in the New Testament city of Sidon.
Another beautiful place in Lebanon. I wasn't expecting to see a fairly cosmopolitan country filled with natural beauty.
Sunset in Lebanon looking over the Mediterranean Sea.

A baby cedar tree in Lebanon.