Friday, April 1, 2016

Random spring pics ;)

Here are some random happenings in the Heaps fam ;)
Happy Easter!
 Photo bomb success?

Sweethearts Dance with Makiah Melling

Matts new profile picture :)

selfie fun

 Emily's new haircut

Emily's OUAT (Once upon a Time) book made in ceramics 

Got to love a sister who HATES being cold to brave the storm to come cheer for our Thomas!

We love it when Adela and Jackie come home and feed us their delicious creations!

Spring is here!

PROM with Brinn Jenson

Eli Bonner, Riley Eastmond, Collin Morrison, Thomas, Josh Greer, Connor Arnell, Ryan Raff, Parker Steadman, Austin Hinckley, Matt Jones, Spencer Fix, Asa Nelson, Landon Griffin, Michael Hinckley, Kobe Mickelson 

Matt and I love taking pics of this crew!

Happy Mothers Day Mom! 
Happy Mothers Day Sylvia 
First trail run of the year! 
Painting Horses with Emily

 She loves Bridle Up Hope

Bridle Up Hope sent us to AMAZING Horse show!
I love spending time with my Emily!
 The acrobatics were incredible!

Memorial Day 10k...Matt and Thomas came to cheer me on!

My long time running partner Leesa Jones