Thursday, January 24, 2013

Everybody needs a little SUN!!!

These days, St. George is where it's at!
I bet you can't guess what we did...

Yep, we ran another race!
13.1 miles to be exact!

We had a BLAST running! Emily was the BEST cheerleader EVER!
She watched for all of us...even her mom :)
"Mom, I was so worried when you weren't at the 1:45 time; I thought your legs were cramping up or something!..I didn't want to tell you how behind you were because I didn't want you to feel bad." (This meant the world to me that #1 she knew my goal time and #2 that she kept waiting to make sure I was OK!)

We all had great races...all of them PR's

Matt - 1:26 9th in his age group
Jac - 1:31 1st in her age group
Thomas - 1:30 2nd in his age group
Jill - 1:46 25th in her age group

It was a BEAUTIFUL day...a little on the chilly side but a very welcome change from the bone chilling, BITTER COLD back home! 
Not only did Thomas run his very first 1/2 marathon, but 2 hours later he was on the soccer field playing in the Presidents Cup with his about dedication!

The boys played hard, ending the tournament with a double overtime and PK sad when they lost. This meant no games on Monday...We stayed the weekend anyway and enjoyed EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE!!

The Temple is so gorgeous! It was a perfect Sunday stop, along with the Tabernacle

We got to sit where EVERY prophet but Joseph Smith, has sat...yep, we are pretty darn cool ;)

Elder and Sister Colson, who used to work with Matt on water projects, invited us to stay in their beautiful home...Thomas got to stay in the Casida, AKA Bachelor sad I didn't get a picture!
We enjoyed walking and running one last time on this trail behind their home before heading back to our cold inversion filled Lehi.

Thanks for the great Vacation St. George!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy birthday Emily!!!

It has been a very eventful 11 years for this cute girl!

Here are 11 pictures of Emily's 11th year. Lot's of big changes this year and you have come through with flying colors!

We have a family tradition of going around the table, talking about why we love the birthday person... Matt helped Leo out ;) 
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Emily LOVES being the birthday girl...
One of her very favorite gifts came from Jac. If you don't know by now, Emily LOVES STAR WARS and ESPECIALLY Han Solo! Jac knew EXACTLY what she would get Em :)
The many faces of our Emily...says it all don't you think?

We love you Emily!

Party time!

It's a birthday and that means...PARTY in Emily's eyes :)
top to bottom: Cambry Johnson, Anna Nelson, Caitlyn Elswood, Emily, Faith Merrill, Hailey Bohrer, Kennedy, Rhyan Green and Maddy Winterton  (Lindsey Riley not pictured)

some girls came over early to help decorate

Leo loved playing right in the middle of the girls!

Whats a party without pizza?
 and of course Oreo ice-cream dessert! 
The funnest part of the night was jumping over the big bean bag! (thanks for letting us borrow it Grandma and Grandpa!)
Emily has such a darling group of friends! The party was a huge success!

Monday, January 7, 2013


It's hard to believe it's been 17 years since I first held Jacqueline in my arms...after 19 hours of labor, biting Matt's head during the pain, and finally giving in to Matt and my Mom's BEGGING for me to get an epideral...hey I was tough for 11 hours :)...she came and it was

Here are 17 pictures of her 17th year...oh the memories:

Even though Jac had to go back to school on her BIRTHDAY...she started it with Honey Bunches of oats WITH greek yogurt...a daily staple :) (at least the greek yogurt part)

We enjoyed a wonderful evening celebrating Jac's life with some of her favorites:
 Sweet Potato Curry and Key Lime Pie...AND watching the Amazing Spider Man...what a life :)
We are so lucky to have you Jacqueline! Thank you for being the AMAZING PERSON you are!
It's going to be a fantastic year....or as Emily says, "I am so excited because next year you'll 18 and then you can get married and I will be an aunt when I am 12."....NOT SO FAST GIRLY! Sorry Grandma, maybe this is what you did but Jac will NOT be following in your footsteps on this one; at least we hope not :)


Friday, January 4, 2013

It's 18 degrees outside…what will YOU do?

We woke up New Years day ready for a run...
just 15 degrees, NO BIGGY right?
As we sat around staring out the window hoping for the thermostat to go UP; I thought to myself, This is the 1st day of the year...What you do today will show who you are! Are you going to be TOUGH or are you a wimp?
SO...I finally pushed myself out the door at 11:00...18 degrees with the sun shining.
Was it worth it?
Matt, Thomas and Jac enjoyed their runs too :)
 How does that song go?..."What doesn't kill us makes us stronger..."
It's going to be a great year for this "TOUGH" family :)

HAPPY 2013!

New Years Eve

What a perfect way to end the year :)

My favorite snowshoeing partner

As you can see everyone enjoyed our day in the snow

Emily even decided to take a little potty stop along with someone else (we won't mention any names...) 

Tobogganing down the trail

Glorious SUNSHINE!!

The best part of snowshoeing...getting away from all the smog in the valley!

Life is GREAT!
Beautiful girls!

Goodbye 2012

Christmas memories :)

Our Christmas break started out with VERY sick people...Thomas fevered for 10 days! The only one not hit was Matt...HOW he skipped it we will never know!
With sick people we decided not to share our "Christmas cheer" so we stayed home and enjoyed...US!
Here are a few of our christmas memories...

Christmas decorations
 One of our many nativities
Our wonderful Christmas countdown...Thanks Cheryl :)

Window decorations by Jac and Emily 

Making the best of sick days...lot's of sibling bonding :)
Emily decided to go on a was 20 degrees and she is sockless with to love that crazy girl! She ran a mile! Wahoo :)

Black bean brownies
THE best desert EVER....well, in my opinion anyway...HEAVEN! I may or may not have eaten it for breakfast a few mornings :)
Another Christmas Favorite..."Judy's Hot Cocoa" AMAZING!

Christmas Eve...just chillin'

Emily made us cupcakes with her new cupcake maker

"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells" up the stairs on Christmas morning...

Watching the kids open their gifts to each other!
They knew just what to get!
They even got Matt and I gifts! We felt very spoiled!

Can you guess what Emily's favorite gift was?


 Jac and Thomas LOVE their Garmins!

Matt got busy loading everyones' watches

 Sleeping in the basement together and watching movies while eating homemade ice-cream...
YES, it was a nightly event!

Movie favorites:
STAR WARS...ALL 6 of them :)
The Santa Claus
Miracle on 34th Street
The Amazing Spiderman

Cookies for Santa
(taken two days late but oh well right!?)...thanks for humoring mom kids!

Who can forget all the snow? AMAZING!
We had a great time shopping the Park City Outlets...
I think we all need one of these mirrors ;)

YEP, it was a PERFECT Christmas!