Thursday, August 6, 2015

Heaps Family Reunion

The Heaps reunion was held on the 24th of July so we decided to run in a race first (of course!)
 Adela was ready to cheer them in! (We got lucky enough to have Adela spend a few weeks with us this summer!)

Congrats to the speedy runners! 
 Now it was time to chill at Joe and Shirley's house for the afternoon
 Lilian and BT
 Steve and Sherry
 Pickle Ball
 Tommy Boy and Matt

Carter and Cooper

 Grandma and Grandpa Heaps
 Emily and Matt

Emily found out what happens when you refuse to wear sunscreen ;(

Snow Shack! 
Chelsey, Ali, Alice, Steve, Austin, Tyson, JaAnn
Shirley, Chelsey, Alice 
Matt, Grandma, Grandpa, Debra, Dave 
Oaklie, Alex 
Gentrie, Jill, Halle, JaAnn, Alaina 
Thomas, Jac and Adela 

Deb, Alice and Dave

Fireworks show! 

Halle and Carter
Chelsey and Austin
Cooper, Jake, Andrew and Ali
 This about sums up our family! ;) Pretty awesome!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Capitol Reef

Our family decided to go to Capitol Reef and it did not disappoint!
The adventure started with some road construction ;)
He had his face covered the whole time while he ate his chips!!
Don't worry, we enjoyed the cows

Emily always loves animals, even at the gas station

Our campground 

The orchards were so fun to walk through!
Emily and her camping friend neighbor
Emily is a natural with horses!
Adela gave Emily this special necklace...THANK YOU!!
yoga time! 

panoramic gone wrong!!

 Calf Creek Falls

The food was delicious ;)

planks anyone?

Of course we had to get some running in!

The views were breathtaking!

 On Sunday we went to church in Boulder then headed over to the Escalante Cemetery to find our ancestors headstones and read some family history.
Thomas Heaps

Thanks for the amazing hikes, beautiful scenery and awesome FAMILY TIME!!!