Friday, February 26, 2010

Goodbye Grandma Wright (for now)

My Grandma Virginia Grace Wright, passed away on February 12. I am sure Grandpa planned it that way so they could be together for Valentines Day :)
My favorite place to go on vacation was always Arizona to visit Grandma and all of my Mom's family. It didn't matter what time we arrived, Grandma ALWAYS had a roast in the oven and a drawer FULL of all sorts of candy and treats. She also had every kind of sugar cereal you could imagine.
Grandma and Grandpa owned "Wrights market" and we loved to visit them and pick out ANYTHING we wanted except for 1 thing...GUM!! She told us she would rather see us smoking a cigarette then chewing a piece of gum.(she must have REALLY hated the stuff!) I was very obedient and never bought any but Jolyn on the other hand...
Matt and the kids took care of things at home so I could fly in to be with my family. I was grateful for their understanding and willingness to let me go. Emily got sick the day I left (OF COURSE!) But thanks to our great friend Rose, she was in good hands :)
It was a beautiful funeral with lot's of laughs and tears. Would you expect anything less at a Wright family gathering?
My mom and her sisters all spoke about the love Grandma had for everyone. She was strict (except with Ginger) she taught the kids to work hard (except for Ginger) She loved to entertain and look BEAUTIFUL and she was ALWAYS ready for FUN! (In one of her MANY pairs of shoes of course!)

Ginger talked about never having to work because she "learned" how by watching her older siblings. Being the youngest she said she never knew Grandma to be strict! She told a story about Grandma chasing her friends down after they toilet papered their house, she brought them back to the house and fed them CAKE!

Grandma always told the kids, "It's OK to be spoiled as long as you are still NICE."
I must say that all of my sweet aunts, uncle, and my mom turned out to be VERY NICE even though they were all VERY SPOILED! :)

Aunt Ginger, Jolyn, Mom, Laurisa, Josy, Monica, Meg, Amber, Me, Wendy and Kristen
Funerals are a funny thing. It always seems more like a family reunion. We had so much fun seeing everyone again and of course playing games and being, well... being US! All you have to do is meet my family and you will see WHY I am the way I am :) isn't it great!?
Laurisa and Joslyn have always done this "AMAZING" kissy face (if you have seen their blogs, you know what I am talking about) We decided it must be the COOL thing to do, so we took some lessons. Let's just say you won't be seeing me do it anytime soon :) I don't think we were very good students! Ha Ha
One of the highlights of our trip was getting to stay at my Grandmas house. I have been WAITING for my brother to send me the great pictures of the house but, I guess that will be another post, SOMEDAY (yes Jeremy, that's a hint!)
As we went through the drawers in her guest bedroom I found about 5 drawers FULL of brand new, in the wrapper, nighties and P.J.'s Grandma could never buy just one of ANYTHING! We couldn't resist trying them on. The were SO GRANDMA! She seriously wore these every night. I told you she loved to look beautiful. Not only in the day did she always look her best, but as you can see, the night was no different.

These nighties matched her home perfectly. She and my Grandma Whiting would have loved each others houses! PINK everywhere!!!
It's amazing how much the pink brick house stayed the same through the years. The kitchen table we all sat around, the Purple room, the Peach room (it was actually the Red room before a fire destroyed it), the vent in the hall where we could hear our parents talking, the very Pink bathroom and of course Grandma and Grandpa's Pink velvet room.
Grandma always made us feel welcomed and loved when we came. I will never forget the time I woke up in her bed with my arms wrapped around her. When I looked up at her she told me "You can come and give me a hug ANYTIME you want!"
I was so embarrassed! Grandpa was standing at the dresser in his garments with a big smile on his face waiting to take his spot back in their bed. When I woke up in the morning I thought it might have been a dream but as soon as Grandma saw me she told me how much she loved my little visit.
Goodbye Grandma, thank you for giving me the most wonderful mom in the world!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He's moving on!

The District Science fair was held at Pleasant Grove High school. There were about 300 or more projects that made it this far and only 70 get to move on to the next level.
Thomas set up his project and went home for a few hours while the judges looked at each project. At 6:30 he went back to answer questions and explain his project to them in his own words. The parents weren't allowed to come until after the judging was complete at 8:00.
When we arrived, Thomas was explaining his project to someone. He was so confident and animated as he answered her questions. You could see the passion and excitement he has for it. He really "owns" this project and has given it his personal touch. I am positive this is one of the biggest reasons he is moving on to the
Central Utah Science & Engineering Fair
at BYU on March 23rd.
Thomas is SO excited for this opportunity. It is fun to watch him as he takes on his school projects with the same enthusiasm and determination that he has for the sports he plays. He has been blessed with the ability to welcome and embrace new challenges that come his way in all areas of his life.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's hard to believe that basketball season is coming to an end. Our Saturday mornings just won't be the same :) It was a great reason to get us out of our nice warm home and away from all the chores mom makes everyone do :) At least it means spring is coming.... happy day!
Thomas loves a challenge. He loves to get the rebounds and steal the ball every chance he gets. Even though he loves getting the ball, he is a great team player who watches out for an open player that has the best chance at making a basket. Matt is amazed at how similar they play; he feels like he's watching himself when he was younger. Like father, like son :)
Is this kid cute, I mean HANDSOME or what?!
It's been a fun season with a great coach who really took time to teach the boys.
Thanks for giving us something to look forward to and enjoy during these COLD winter months :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snowshoeing for Presidents Day

We enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL snow day in Heber. Matt wanted to check out the trail for our ward's Youth Conference that's coming up in a few weeks. We decided it's a winner!
Jacqueline couldn't resist the powder. She even found "Whoville"! Yes, she's a NUT!!
Emily brought her butterfly net and caught lot's of snow! :) She also found a few leaves and icicles to add to her treasures.
Even though she "couldn't take another step", she did a great job and made it to the top with the rest of us! I think she even enjoyed herself (even though she won't admit it!)
Beautiful pictures don't you think? Thomas and Matt anyway :)
My picture is pretty telling of how I was feeling. Who me, Ornery? Never!
It is hard to have a bad day when the people around you lift you up in such positive ways. Matt is truly the most inspiring, positive person I know and Jac comes in at a close second! I am so grateful to have them around to remind me and everyone else, how GREAT life really is. THANKS for being so willing to make lemonade out of lemons! (Even when the lemons come from mom!)


We kept with TRADITION this year. HEART pancakes, paper HEARTS around the house; and of course, HEART pizza! I forgot the notes around the house last year... let's just say, it will NEVER happen again :)
How can anyone not enjoy a day dedicated to expressing LOVE for those you care about most?
Matt was around for the pizza but had to run off to "share the love" with the sweet sisters he home teaches. Yep, he's always thinking of others!
Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's FINALLY here!

Thomas was SO EXCITED to see,
"Percy Jackson and the lightning Thief"
He could hardly stand to wait one more day! He's only read the Percy Jackson series about 10 times!!! Seriously, it's probably even more!He is even wearing his "Camp Half-Blood" t-shirt.
(I think I enjoyed watching the excitement on his face almost more than the movie :)
Wow, have we learned a lot about Greek mythology from Thomas! (We just found out that his name is of Greek origin... very fitting don't you think?)
Emily wasn't as excited but she survived :) What a great Sis!
We all had a great time and as usual, Dad was able to compare the show to how Satan would love the world to be, with only one God who can have ALL the power. He reminded us how lucky we are to have a Father in Heaven who doesn't want to keep the power to himself. He wants to give us EVERYTHING! It's up to us to decide if we want it or not! We are so blessed :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Emily's Special Day

Emily's Baptism Day
February 6, 2010
Emily was so excited for her Dad to baptize her
Our precious Angel
The day was even more special because she got to share it with her cousin Jake

Emily was all smiles! She was so excited to see all the people who came to show love and support. Her biggest surprise came when the Buhrley's came from Idaho! I don't think she and Gracie were more than a few feet from each other the whole day!
I was so grateful to have Meg there to do Emily's hair after her baptism. WOW, is she talented and fast! It made my life so much easier :) Thank you so much!
I didn't think Emily would need her ear plugs in just to be baptized but I was wrong!
As soon as she came up from the water she screamed, "MY EAR, IT HURTS!!"
Luckily, all the excitement helped her forget the pain. :)
It is a very difficult task to get our families together for a picture. We were lucky to get a few of the Whitings gathered outside.

I made a "comforter" for Emily as a reminder of this special day and the comfort she receives from the Holy Ghost.
It was so fun for me to make it and think of the past 8 years. I wondered if I would even have the opportunity to do this. We feel so blessed to have her with us!
Jake and Emily loved their blankets
We all gathered at Joe and Shirley's for hot scones, made by Steve and Sherry, muffins and fresh fruit. YUM!
We are so grateful for all those who were a part of this special day; in person and in spirit. Emily will have wonderful memories of the day she became an official member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
I asked her later that night how she felt and she said, "Mom, I still feel it. I'm just not as heavy anymore like I usually am. I feel light."
Yes, Emily, you do feel light and we can feel it too.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Meg

If anyone knows our family well, they know about our angel sent from heaven, Megan Gazaway! When Emily was a baby and I was away from home for 4 months, it was Megan who stepped in to save the day. She literally put her life on hold to take care of Jac and Thomas and give them the stability they so desperately needed.
Megan not only watched the kids; but did FUN and CRAZY things with them DAILY! She taught them more songs than I ever knew existed and always found ways to make each day a new and exciting adventure!
Meg turned 32 this last week and we got lucky enough to spend some time with her celebrating.
Here are the kids singing "How much is that Doggy in the Window?" ... a tribute to our MEG!

Happy Birthday Meg!!! We love you!


Thomas has been playing Futsal, which is a form of inside soccer, with his Arsenal team on Fridays. I know these pictures are amazingly high in quality :) Who needs good weather to play soccer?
It's been fun watching him as the goalie and on defense. He really puts his all into the game.
Way to go Thomas!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Emily's in the newspaper!

The Daily Herald did a follow up article on Emily today. Here is the link if you are interested. You will see how "shy" she was in front of the camera :)

It is so great to be able to shout out how wonderful she is doing!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Camping in the SNOW??

There are few things Thomas enjoys more than spending time with Matt. At the moment I'm not sure anything could be greater!
Thomas and Matt went on their first Winter camping trip with the 11 year old scouts. The girls were REALLY jealous ;)
After spending an afternoon at Matt's favorite store, (REI of course) the two were happy to report that they were VERY prepared! "It was worth EVERY penny!" Matt assured me when they got home.
I am glad to see that the two of them survived hiking through 3-4 feet of snow, digging out the fire pit, cooking dinner and breakfast, putting up their tent and sleeping in their new "NUGGET" sleeping bags. Nugget is one of Matt's favorite phrases he uses when he gets great tidbits of information. Yes, the sleeping bags are really called Nuggets! How could we NOT get these sleeping bags? Leave it to Matt to find the perfect "nugget" of a sleeping bag!
They had a great time and enjoyed themselves in a "twisted sort of way" as Matt calls it :)
Great company, great snow, and amazing scenery. It is fun to live life vicariously through our boys!

cRaZy hAiR dAy!!

Sego Lily had a food drive and all the classes with 100% participation got to have a CrAzY HaIr DaY. The kids were VERY excited!
Emily wanted to go ALL out! She even tried to put glitter in Thomas' hair (he drew the line with glitter!) Can you believe just one year ago Emily had about a quarter inch of hair on her head?
Thomas found out what it feels like to be a girl. He couldn't believe how putting little elastics in your hair can hurt so bad! I don't think he will be making fun of them again any time soon :)