Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall soccer 2011!

Let the games begin...

Thomas is always so fun to watch. He isn't afraid of anything! He goes for the ball and doesn't let anything stop him!

It's going to be a great season!

Thomas' FIRST XC meet

This year Lehi Jr. High has a Cross Country team!
Thomas came home SOO excited!
Their first meet was at AF. They ran the same course as the high schools but just did 1 mile instead of 2.
When I was cheering Thomas on, I could hear some boys saying, "Hey, look at that high schooler running with the little kids!" They kept saying how crazy it was. I finally looked at them and said, "He is a 7th grader!" The boys jaws dropped saying, "He's as big as me!" Yep he is!

Thomas is one very strong and very determined young man!....

He finished 2nd place overall!! WAHOO!
Way to go Thomas!

AF Grass Relays 2011!

A perfect day for a relay...
Last year, I wasn't too fond of this meet...
but this year, I LOVED it!
Our Varsity relay team was:
Kenzie, Emily, Me, Min, and Sam
(In that order)

When the baton was passed to me, we were in about 12th place....
I felt good and strong, 
(even though the picture looks painful)

and bumped up our position to 2nd!!!

I also improved my time from last year by 24 seconds!
This was an awesome race! Everything seemed to have worked out nicely....

These are the results! I was very happy with my time and placement in the runners...
Our team also improved from last year too! Way to go team!

Girls Varsity Individual Award Winners
1.Summer Harper               Orem                    12:00
2.Ashleigh Warner               Mountain View    12:04
3.Jacqueline Winterton       Skyline                 12:24
4.Tori Parkinson                  Mountain Crest   12:24
5.Shea Martinez                   Davis                    12:34
6.Harley Murray                 Uintah                  12:36
7.Jackie Heaps                    Lehi                      12:37
8.Carrie Jube                        Timpview            12:40
9.Ellie Child                         Davis                    12:40
10.Hazel Harvey                  Wasatch               12:46
11.Mallory Jones                 Timpview            12:48
12.Candace Greenwood    Orem                    12:49
13.Ali Walker                       Park City                12:50
14.Danielle Menlove           Jordan                  12:50
15.Tavia Dutson                  Jordan                  12:50

Here's how our team did:


Friday, August 26, 2011

Lehi vs. Westlake

 Cross Country season is here!
The first dual meet was on the first day of school
Look at the determination on their faces!
Lehi was off to a great start...

Jac did a great job coming in first place!
She came in a minute faster than last year on this course at 19:38!
Emily's friend Lilly came and said, 
"I have never come to a race to cheer someone on that actually wins!"

Way to go's going to be a great season :)

The first day is here...

My 4th grader!
Emily was SO excited when she saw her classroom was GROOVY themed! We had to find the perfect outfit for the first day of school :)

My...10th grader!
Yes, Jac is officially in High School!
Can you tell the kids like their shoes this year? All running shoes? Go figure?? :)

Emily enjoyed her day learning about
 "Peace Love and Hard Work"

As you can tell, Em got sick of taking pictures :)
Happy first day everyone!!

Thomas is in...Jr. high!!!

Yes, this is my sweet "little" 7th grader!!! 
He loved getting all the picture attention since it was the first day only for him :) 
He is so excited to be in Jr. High... am I? 
Where did my dinosaur, Buzz Lightyear and Woody loving boy go?

I offered to walk Thomas and his friends to school.
(I know, I am such a nice mom aren't I?) For SOME crazy reason they declined my offer! I had to follow Thomas across the street to pick up his buddy Matt though :)
And they are off... It's going to be a great year! 
Yes, this is the 2nd day... I was still a little picture happy :)
Good luck Jr. High! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

August highlights...

Manti Temple trip with best buds
Thomas, Jac, Kenzie Draper, Mason Draper and Clay Alger
What could be better than going with your sibling?!
Rock climbing at the Quarry...
Thomas dominated level 10c!! Wahoo!
Jac dominated as well even after a long morning run!

The AMAZING ballayers!
Emily got brave enough to push off the wall!

Lehi Cross Country summer camp... 3 days, 30 miles! 
All on American Fork Canyon Trails!

We LOVED the ice baths at the end :)
Thomas playing in the ADIDAS CUP with his new Arsenal team

Emily and Jac enjoying cheering on their favorite brother!
Yep, it's been busy, crazy, fun, busy, crazy, and did I say fun? 
The summer went by way too fast!