Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Freedom Run

Emily was ready to cheer Matt, Jac and Thomas on!

 Matt was waiting to see if Thomas and Jac would actually show up...they went on an extra long warm-up; they made it with 5 seconds to spare!
Emily enjoyed every minute ;) 
got to love the 4th of July!

Jac took 2nd and Thomas took 1st in their age categories
My 3 favorite runners!
 (yes it's sappy but oh so true! I never tire of watching them run!)

We found Curtis Morley, Matt's step brother...he knows how to have fun!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thomas' ear

Thomas' ear started swelling one day....and kept swelling, SO he ended up in the ER after walking around EFY all week (didn't want mom to come take him home!) 
They drained it and put a bandage on it 

Monday we went to the ENT...swollen again! It was a rare Seroma...only 50 known cases. Leave it to a Heaps to get something rare!
This kid is so darn brave!  

During the next 2 weeks Dr. Heras drained, poked, prodded and sewed his ear in hopes of keeping it from permanently damaging his earlobe and of course she had to tell him daily how adorable and what an awesome young man he is! 
After 4 long weeks, Thomas' ear is almost back to normal! 

June Randoms

Aahhh...good ol' summer!
Sleeping on the tramp with the coolest brother and cousins ever!
Don't worry, Leo protected them ;) 
Nothing quite like a little evening run to boosts your spirits! 

How cool are they?! 
The Besse boys...ADORABLE! 
They came to visit all the way from Omaha! 
Hiking in Corner Canyon 
Visit from Sawyer...we couldn't get enough of this cutie! 
 Emily was in HEAVEN!
Random BYU YSA Ward to love the green pants and BYU shirts! 
Emily learned to fish with the YSA's at our campout 
Emily is loving her sewing class! 
Haircut time!

Emily and her Cochlear buddy Isabelle

Swimmin' at Joe and Shirley's 
 Yep, June was fun ;)

Mother and Fathers Day 2014

Happy Mothers Day Mom! I love you more than words can say!! 
Snuggles from this girl made my day! 

Happy Fathers Day Dad! How lucky I am to have you!! 

To the Father of our family...YOU ARE THE GREATEST! 
Matt and his Dad 
We are so blessed to live close to both of our parents and to have them be such a huge part of our lives. They are such amazing examples of living righteously and giving their lives to the work of the Lord!