Monday, April 26, 2010


Emily looks forward to seeing her preschool teachers and friends at the A.G. Bell speech fair each year. It's so fun to see how the kids have grown and improved!
When Emily was 3 they went on stage with her class. The goal was to have each child say their name and the sound of the animal they were dressed as. You could barely understand what Emily or the other kids were saying. Watching the older kids perform gave us hope that one day Emily would be able to talk as clearly as they did.
Emily is now one of the "older kids"! She was so confident as she got up all by herself and sang "I 'm bringing home a baby bumblebee". (YES I know, we need a new cameral!)
As I sat watching her I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the teachers who have helped her come so far. I am grateful for people like Lori and Becky who were so patient when Emily was so small and just a little strong willed! (I know, it's hard to believe!) THANK YOU!!!
Programs like A.G. Bell and the School for the Deaf, encourage and inspire the kids to achieve their dreams. They help the parents and children realize that having a disability means digging deeper, working harder, and never giving up!
These kids are FIGHTERS. It is truly amazing to see the progress not only in their ability to speak, but in their confidence and self esteem. Emily has been so blessed to have her hearing loss and other health issues. Aren't we all?!
Emily loved having her grandparents there to watch her perform and LOVED the cookies... I think she ate 4!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Track team Highlights
Friends, Friends, FRIENDS!
Yea, that's our girl!
Finishing strong!
Watch Jac's tongue... is she Matt's daughter or what? There must be a lot of power in a Heaps' tongue! :)
Jac and Kenz
Friends like these are one in a million. They run the same events against each other. They not only run it together but they are at the front of the pack EVERY TIME!
They have learned how to enjoy the challenge of competition while not taking it personal. At the end of the day, their friendship is what stands strong!
The relay is one of Jac's favorites. Their team has taken 1st place every time!
Jac has had another incredible season taking 1st or 2nd place in the mile and 800 races.
The time she took 2nd in the mile she got her personal best of 5:51!! How can you be upset about that? She is... FAST!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thomas' field trip

The Capital building
One of the great things about having all the kids in school is that I have the opportunity to go on field trips! And the fact that the kids want me to go is a huge plus!
First stop, we went got to a Naturalization ceremony. You probably know what that is but I didn't! It is when people become citizens of the United States of America.
There were 170 people from 59 different countries! When the judge asked some of them to talk about their feelings you could feel their love and excitement. One man from Iran started to chant "We are FREE! We are FREE!" I went upstairs after the ceremony (there are benefits of a weak bladder!) and got to take pictures for some of the families as they celebrated this special day. It was an amazing experience! Their faces were Beaming with pride! It made me proud to be an American.
The kids enjoyed talking with the judge after who was so fun. He talked about how he became a citizen of the USA and what it meant to him.

Our second stop; a tour of our State Capital building.
It was fun to see how beautiful this building is. They have kept it just as it was when it was first built in the 1800's. The architecture is amazing!
One of the 5th grade teachers, Mr. Cox, was a member of the House of Representatives for about 5 years. He took the kids to the room where all the bill are discussed and passed on to the Senate. The kids have had a great time learning about how bills are passed and have had mock trials at school.
I had so much fun being with Thomas. He was so sweet and stayed by my side the whole time. A true gentleman. I love this kid so much! I am one very lucky mom :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A new favorite!

Rock climbing at the Quarry in Provo
After overwhelming the lady at the front desk with the 10 kids Leesa and I so bravely brought with us, we set out for quite the adventure.
Who knew that all the kids would be such amazing climbers? Our hands were raw by the end from belaying them for 2 hours. It was worth the work to get those big smiles and watch their confidence soar with each step closer to their goal.
Emily was a great climber but got very nervous when it came to coming down. The two times she went up, she got about 1/2 way and another climber nearby would have to help us get her down (I love kind strangers!)

Our kids couldn't wait to show Matt what great climbers they were; so back we went. What a great Friday night activity! (Plus, you only have to pay once for the WHOLE day... we love great deals!)
When we went back, Thomas helped Emily by staying by her side, encouraging her to keep going. He was so patient and kind. Emily knew she could do it with Thomas next to her! It was so cute to watch her face when she MADE IT!
Emily was SO proud of herself!!! After reaching the top with Thomas there was no stopping her. She kept climbing back up over and over and over again. She was not a happy camper when it was time to leave. We promised to come back very soon!
Jac was determined to master each wall. When she was tired, she kept going... "If Thomas made it, so can I!" She did awesome! Is there anything this girl can't do?
Thomas conquered 5 walls. He loved the challenge of the angles and tough spots. He got up so fast it was crazy!
He decided he deserved an In and Out "animal style" burger after... We agreed :)
It's fun to watch the kids do something they have never done before. They are so athletic it amazes me how everything they try, they pick up on it so easily! They definitely got it from their mom don't you think!?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Break highlights

We enjoyed the "lovely" weather for spring break again this year! No school means happy days so who needs WARM?? OK, maybe we do :)
The kids enjoyed having the break, so they could take it easy and hang out with friends
Thanks to the Drapers, Thomas gets lot's of gaming fun! You can just see how INTENSE this moment was :)
Jac and Kenz can get VERY excited about... well ANYTHING :)
They had a great time biking, going to Great Harvest for samples, making cookies, watching Forever Strong and being complete GOOFS!
We did get to the "Woodchip" park on one of the sunnier days with the Drapers. The kids had fun playing soccer, sardines and climbing on all the fun things. It was nice to be outside for a little while and enjoy some rays.

Kenz and Jac know how to have FUN!!
We spent one afternoon at the Church History Museum. There is something for everyone to enjoy. While Jac and I looked at displays. Thomas and Emily created their own.
Here's Emily's creation.
One of Emily's favorite things is the baby center. She was in heaven!!
We had about 50 kids from our neighborhood joining in on the fun :)
The great thing about this place is that it's fun for all ages:)
"Say, CHEESE!"
Do you think these girls watch their moms???

Friends make life great don't they?!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Sushi

Marianne, Monica and Melissa spent HOURS creating this amazing display of SUSHI! For those who love sushi, we were in HEAVEN :) Marianne is a PRO! It was better than going to a gourmet resturaunt.
There was pizza for the "wimpier" people in the family. They don't know a good thing when they see it!
Brig and Melissa love the seaweed most!... mmm doesn't it look YUMMY???
Matt and Brig showed everyone how Japanese people sit at the bus stop and other various activities. :)
Abi and Jac are always up for a fun time!
Thomas and Jac couldn't get enough of Harper. Jac had a swim shirt on and he asked her, "Where is his bum?" He also decided he wanted a bath because the water looked fun!
If you look close, you can see I am standing on a step. Dave is STILL taller than me! Yep, I'm short; unless I am with my Mom's side of the family. Matt is a giant around the Wrights!
Marianne let the kids decorate bags to collect their Easter eggs in. Everyone loves a good Easter egg hunt :)
Dave ended the evening with a great lesson on Easter which led to a GREAT discussion about the gospel. We are so blessed to have the true gospel in our lives!
Thanks for a wonderful Easter Heaps Family!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Conference at the Heaps'

General Conference weekend is a favorite in the Heaps household. We have the TV turned up loud enough for everyone to hear and enjoy in any room they are in and what ever project they choose to be doing.
Matt chose to get comfy on the couch. If I did this I would have been asleep before the opening prayer!
Emily decided to be creative (shocker, I know!) She made fairy shoes!
Emily was so excited, she even put on her Tinker Bell costume with TIGHTS (she has NEVER worn tights because they are too itchy) She kept telling us how fun it was to be a fairy!


This is the only candy the Easter Bunny brought this year. As you can see, they served as great entertainment.
This is what happens when you put your Peeps in the microwave
The kids LOVE searching for eggs; especially if there is no candy... No candy you ask? NOPE, they go for the MONEY :) It makes life pretty easy for the Easter Bunny!

Searching for eggs is always easier with fairy wings!