Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Emily decided to be Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series

Looks like Emily and Thomas think alike!
They both bought and made their own shirts and teamed up with other Percy Jackson fans!
Thomas was in 4th grade with Katie Struthers and Matt Jones
Emily 6th grade with Jared Brown

Thomas and Connor ran the AF Halloween fun run. Once a Jedi, ALWAYS a Jedi!
They finished 1st and 2nd place within 10ths of a second! Had to follow bright police lights the whole way #fastestrunnerprobs!

What to do for...

 Just go crazy and see what happens of course ;)
Mom got big points on this one! (for once!)

Monday, November 18, 2013


Sadies had a Western them this year…perfect for pictures in our backyard!
(I knew we kept that fence for a reason!)
The kids had a great time with our photo shoot ;) 

Jac took "Chicken Nugget" AKA Nathan Allen
They have been joking for years about going on a date with Nathan when he turned 16 so that's exactly what they did!

Life is Good ;)

Sunday, November 10, 2013


The school Carnival! The XC team helped out ;) Who knew Thomas would be such a pro? 

Emily joined the Science Demo team!
This group of 6th graders gets to teach 1st graders science once a week all year long!

FALL! It has been so beautiful this year!
Nothing better than a hike or a trail run among the beautiful leaves!

Who ever thinks to take pictures of the people we work with in our callings? Our Stake needed them for a slide show and I'm glad we did!
I'm the 1st counselor, Kristy Marsh-President, Amy Bohrer-2nd counselor, Christy Allfrey-Secretary
I have LOVED working with these ladies in the primary ;)

Todd Spencer-1st Counselor, Craig Larson-Bishop, Matt-2nd counselor, Dan Timpson-executive secretary, Randy Gage-ward clerk
Matt and his bishopric in the 4th ward…so glad he got this picture because he is now the 1st counselor in a BYU YSA (young single adult) ward…BIG changes! We will miss having him in our home ward but excited to be working with the amazing single adults!

Friday, November 1, 2013

What does Jac like to do on Halloween?

Jac LOVES to put on a blue hair cap and have some nice "happy gas" to help her enjoy the holiday
The nap was nice…till she woke up ;)
On a positive note: Wisdom teeth are out!
It made for some pretty great entertainment too!