Thursday, November 18, 2010

Temples and Tombs

Did you know that Thomas' real name is THOMOR? He is a very famous Pharaoh who graced us with his presence for just one night...
Boys getting to dress up as Egyptians and wear make-up...FUN TIMES!
Thomas LOVES to perform... he did a fantastic job! He knows how to bring LIFE to anything he does :)
"THOMOR's" death mask... sadly this great Pharaoh passed away while valiantly fighting for his people... Thank goodness we have his "Gods" and Kartush' to remember him by :)   

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

XC Banquet

A final tribute to the team...
Jacqueline was awarded:
 "Most outstanding girl runner"  
When Coach Rowe called Jacqueline's name, he made her stand up on the stage while he talked about her; which she loved ;) He said said some really nice things about her. He talked about how challenging it is to be the strongest and the youngest on the team; and how as coaches, it was a challenge to know how hard to push, yet she handled it all, learning from each race. It is a great reminder that, 
AGE doesn't matter; what matters, is WHO you are! Jacqueline truly is a strong leader among her peers, and family. She has a light and goodness about her that makes everyone want to be the same way. The great thing is that her friends ARE the same way which makes it great for all of them. They know how to have fun and bring out the best in each other while doing it. It sure makes living right easier!
Min, Kenz, Jac, Ian, Dallin, and Alex

Congratulations Jac!
We couldn't be prouder of our "little" girl!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Reflections 2010

Together we can...
"Together as a team, we can achieve success"
Thomas created a soccer shoe and soccer ball out of duct tape. He had his school class sign the ball. He wrote that we can work together as a team in sports, but also in our families, in school and anywhere.
"Together, we can make life 'sweet'."
Emily had fun creating this beehive and little bees with clay

It is so fun to see what these kids come up with. I am SO grateful they have CREATIVE MINDS!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The real "Bubble Boy"

David Vetter, the original "Bubble Boy"

I found this  footage and loved it because it is real pictures of this sweet boy showing what his life was like. (the music is a little weird, sorry)
Matt and I are standing by his AMAZING mother, Carol Ann, at a conference for the Immune Difficiency Foundation.

Carol Ann is STILL fighting to save kids with SCID! She said her goal is to see kids CURED.
It was such a sweet experience to go up to her and tell her it has happened! Because of her determination to get her son's story out there and fight for a the right procedures to be found. Our daughter is ALIVE and not living in a bubble.
I will forever be grateful for this amazing woman and her courage. 
Here are some of our SCID "Cousins" as we call ourselves. :) 
It has been such a great experience to meet other parents who have children with SCID. We get to see each other every few years and keep in touch through an email group Barb created (Thanks Barb!). On the rough days, it sure helps to know you have a group you can bounce questions off of and to know that you are not alone! 
This year the conference was held in Texas. It was a quick trip but Matt and I enjoyed visiting the ALAMO and walking on the river walk during our free time.
Just recently, a law was passed for SCID to be part of newborn screening. This is a HUGE breakthrough. So many children will be saved through this simple test. Our job is to get Utah to put it into action. Matt and I will be talking on Friday to a group of about 100 doctors to tell them our story and help them see the importance of this screening... wish us luck! 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Get ready for a SCARE...

Alice's family...
Steve and Sherry's family...
Steve and Sherry are wearing their HIGH SCHOOL uniforms! Well, Steve had to change his pants after they ripped hee hee!
Deb's family...
Camile, Chris and Ryder came from Colorado!
Dave and Marianne's family... with some additions!
Unfortunately, we only got a back shot of Marianne. Has anyone seen her puppy?
 Joe and Shirley's family...
Grandpa and Grandma Heaps...
Our family...
Emily LOVES playing with Moki. He licked ALL of her make-up off.
"Mom, I couldn't get up!" 
Don't you feel bad for her? you can tell how upset she was :) 
We ate "worms", "brains", "pumpkin cookies", "dirt with worms" and "pumpkin fluff" just to name a few. Food only for the very brave!
A.J. (Wii remote) won the grand prize of $50.00!!! 
As you can see, the night was a blast; how could it not be with people like these around?! 

Costume fun...

Welcome to Halloween with the Heaps family...
Soldier from World War II (official pilot uniform worn by Great Grandpa Don)the NERD
Butterfly fairy

and last but not least... Hansel and Grettel 
Matt dressed up 2 days in a row. It's a MIRACLE!!