Friday, March 29, 2013

Track time!

Our family went St. George to watch Jac run in the Pineview meet

It was a huge sacrifice to leave the cold snowstorm in Lehi for the warm sunshine!
We took advantage of a few of the great running trails with the Harpers and some other friends :) We even got to see dinosaur tracks!

Now for the real reason we were in St. George :)
The 1600

Jac was determined to run "her" race
and that's exactly what she did! finishing with a PR of 5:15!
her proud sis and bro! 

The 2 mile....

Jac ran another PR coming in at 11:10...SWEET :)

Jac with her 6'2" cheerleaders

And her not so tall but equally proud, cheerleader ;)

Thomas did a mile time trial with Hawk giving him some tips.

Thomas ran a 4:59...all. by. himself! Yep, pretty awesome :)

Emily enjoying the sun and cheering on her siblings!

It was a great little getaway!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Thomas and Matt are the SAME height!

Let's see how long before Thomas is even Taller!
These two have a great time together! Here's a picture from one of those CRAZY cold weather runs in January....BRRRRRR!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Goodbye Grandpa Don

Don C Butler 1920-2013
He served in the U.S. Air Force as a bombardier-navigator on a B-24 aircraft. After an honorable release, he  worked as a bus driver for Greyhound in Salt Lake City.

Many of us have fond memories of Grandpa Don sitting in a chair, content to listen as Grandma B talked. Since Grandma's passing we were able to have the opportunity to get to know Grandpa Don in a more personal way. The man who couldn't speak of his Erma without deep heartfelt tears for his sweetheart that he missed so much! He yearned for the day when they would meet again. That day has finally come.


Grandpa wanted a simple graveside service, just as Grandma B had requested at her burial.

The military paid respects...

Presenting the flag to Thomas. This was Grandpa Don's he loved his Thomas. "It's young men like you that make me have hope in the future."

Family and friends spoke of the memories. Harper drew a picture; a gift from the heart. 2 co-workers from Greyhound came to pay respects and let us know what a "Prince of a man" Don was.
Grandpa had saved the last box of Grandma B's famous homemade chocolates in the freezer for at least  8 years. Deb brought them to share, along with some pure maple syrup that Grandpa Don's sister had sent from home. 

It's moments like these that make the atonement so real, so tangible... this is NOT the end, it is only Goodbye for now...we can be happy for Grandpa Don, knowing he is with his loved ones that have passed before him. We are so blessed to have this knowledge that there IS life after death.
We love you Grandpa Don; and look forward to the day when we will meet again...