Monday, February 21, 2011

Is it true???

Yep, it's true...
JAC is learning how to drive!!
Matt took her to the church parking lot for her first lesson.
How did it go? Well, they are still alive! (hee hee)
Actually, she did GREAT :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy HEARTS day...

The best way to start Valentines Day: Pink Heart Pancakes...(of course!)

Emily was very festive with her HEART pigtails :)
 After a day full of valentine parties, valagrams from "the guys", and lot's of fun, we celebrated with PINK honey peanut butter popcorn while watching the movie "Megamind" at our favorite place... the sticky shoe :)
Happy Valentines DAY to

Every once in a while...

we experience one of those PERFECT days. The weather was "warm", the sun was SHINING; the sky was BLUE; and the kids were having a great time being their goofy selves ;)
 We didn't get very far, but that wasn't the purpose for this trip.
Our purpose was to spend TIME... Time away from all the everyday things that get in the way; time enjoying the beauty God has given us; time being TOGETHER!



 (And she say's she doesn't like snow shoeing!)

We are glad to report:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Exceeding all expectations.....

that's what State is all about!
(I copied this from Jac's blog... who can tell her story better than the star herself??)
If you ever want to let people know what you do, as in swimming at state, just put a sign on your house! TONS of our fellow neighbors asked about it at church today! It was fun to be able to share my successes with them! Now, I can share them with you :)
All of our wonderful tapering was finally going to pay off! 
We were here as a professional 2011 State Team
Our purpose = DAMAGE....
We even had sweet polos to prove our professionality!

(From the back: Bailey Tuttle, Taylor Martinez, Ali Larson, Me, 
Rachel Hansen, Branna Norman, Hannah Hansen, Kaylie Rush)
Yes, we had fun in the maze of showers and lockers in the BYU Girl's Locker Room! That place is HUGE... I really wanted a map!
The stands were packed! It was fun to have a whole row there cheering for you!

The first event would be the 200 Medley Relay!
Kaylie would swim the backstroke,
I would swim the breastroke, 
Taylor the butterfly,
and Branna the freestyle!

There was no escaping the excitement in the air as soon as we stepped behind those blocks! We were excited to swim this race as fast as we possibly could!
Here goes Kaylie....
We're hanging right with everyone....

A little bit ahead.....
falling a tad behind, but still going strong....
Nice flip!
And..... a finish with a 4 second drop from the last time we swam it!
We were in lane 7.
The next event waiting for me to swim was the 200 I.M.
(I'm in lane 2)

In this race, I was ranked 22nd and 6th in my heat! The time to beat was a 2:40....

It twas said that in my butterfly, I touched the wall in last place
In my backstroke, I caught up to some of the slower girls.
But in my breastroke....

that's where I really sped ahead and got closer to the faster ones!

Oh, and of course in my freestyle
I passed an opponent on the last lap!

I ended up finishing 3rd in my heat, 18th overall, and got a new time of 2:37.00!

 It was a marvelous first day!
 After cheering for everybody else this whole second day, it was time for me to swim my event. 
The 100 Breastroke!
(Once again, I'm in the lucky lane ~ 2!)

The first 50, I was going strong. I already knew who was going to win...
 This was the last 25, and I was booking it! 
was all that I could think about!
I knew I had done well, but I wanted to see the board for certain...

YES! I had done it! I had beat my time of a 1:18.81 
and turned it into a 1:17. 06... almost a 2 whole second drop! And, the best thing is that I finished 1st in my heat and would have finished 6th in the next heat! This resulted in me finishing in 
14th place overall at State! WAHOO!
Coach even said on his timer I got a 1:16.99....  :)
So much to be happy about!
I am super satisfied with my swim season! I have really grown to love swimming again! I have seen myself as a success and met lots of new friends. I am so glad I had the opportunity to be apart of this LEHI SWIMMING TEAM. 
I can't wait for next year!

We are SO PROUD of you JAC!! You truly,