Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Road Trip!

Road trip to St. George...(3 times in 3 weeks. I think we need to buy a home here!)
This time is was Jac's team and ...ME :) Yep, I got to be the chaperone for these awesome teens! 

FRIENDS make life so FUN!

One of the funnest parts of the trip was Emily getting a State qualifying time in the 2 mile! Jac paced her making for the perfect race :)

Would you EVER mess with these girls??? They are ready for the 4x4 relay

CONGRATS on 3rd place!
 Beautiful weekend spent with some pretty incredible people!
Thanks for letting me tag along Jac ;)

Thursday, April 25, 2013


2 mile
SHE BROKE 11 minutes with
10:58!!! WAHOO!

hard to get pictures under the lights but had to try :) 
Summer and Candice got to the meet just in time to cheer for Jac! 
There was a mistake made with the Arcadia sign ups; so, for some reason Jac's mile time didn't qualify for their meet.  This didn't stop Jac; she got online and found another meet to race in!

Taking some last minute tips from her favorite coach

Jac came in with a 5:09!
another school record!
Jac is now ranked 5th in the state (out of all the classifications!) for the 2 mile and 10th in the state of for the mile!!!!!! 
 What an awesome way to end our AWESOME trip to California!
Thomas can't wait to run next year!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ready for some SUN?!

 Spring Break in California 

First stop, Newport Beach

Absolutely breathtaking...

Here are the views from Corona Del Mar Beach 
Sand castles are a must!

The kids made Matt into a very cool RUNNIN' MAN (very appropriate don't you think?) Just look at that 6 pack!Star Wars is still a favorite in our household...Jac and Matt created Princess Leia and Han Solo. What a wonderful couple..Check out Emily's princess buns made of sand! (Thomas is such a great brother!)

Some of our favorite stops...We only hit Yogurt Land 4, ok maybe 5 times!
We picked much better hotels this more smoke inhalation for us! The Aquarium was AWESOME! The Lorikeet area was one of our favorites...everyone had a chance to hold one The Lorikeet really liked Matt's skin and they all loved Jac's head! Emily took all these great pictures of sea creatures Just Chillin' out. 
Now for some very random pictures of the day... I think this is what happens to you when your with each other 24/7
The kids ESPECIALLY enjoyed doing Sunset Yoga on the rock after their morning runs
Oh the memories :)

Next post...ARCADIA (the real reason we came to California!)