Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fall Randoms

 Hiking was a blast...especially spontaneous hikes to the top of Timp with Veralyn!
It was a beautiful fall!

Visiting Jac at Utah fun to see her! 
Sadie Hawkins

Sending Liz Wilson off on her mission to California 
Thomas becomes a PRIEST!! What a blessing the priesthood is in our lives!

Matt fixed the door handle on the had only been 2 years! He's such a handyman!!

Saying goodbye to our Toyota Camry. 
Emily never got to drive it ;( 
Many fond memories in this car! 
Tommy Boy enjoyed it for a little while at he's a truck man!


I LOVE this picture of full of happiness, life and adventure!
Here are some memories from this fall

Haircut time!

Emily loves little kids and they LOVE her! This is Crew...a little down syndrome boy in our adorable!

Emily LOVES hanging out with the BYU young adult ward. This is Ansley, she and Cami took her out for fries...who wouldn't love that?! 
Biking with friends! 
sewing outfits for Leo in sewing class 

With the kids getting older Emily gets to spend more one on one time with Mom and lucky!! 
We went to a BYU football game and had a great time!

she loved every minute!;)

Emily spent a day Job shadowing Chris from "Doggy Styles" to see if being a dog groomer is what she would like to do for her future job 

hanging out together... fun times!
We got to watch a new church video being made on adoption. Emily got to tell them when to start!
I'm not sure Emily will ever catch up to Grandpa Heaps ;) 
Time with Grandparents is so wonderful!
Surfing while eating ice-cream...of course!

I am Thankful!

I LOVE this time of year! The opportunity to spend more time with family is AMAZING! I realized this even more having Jac away at didn't matter what we did, as long as we were together!

This year was spent at Grandma and Grandpa Whitings with the Parish's and one of Matts young adult ward members, Adam 

As you can see, Elijah is the center of our attention! 

That face is ADORABLE!! 
Jac and Thomas looking...umm not sure! ;)

You have to be very brave to sleep at Whiting family gatherings!

I 'm very grateful for this guy...goofiness and all!

Yep, Thanksgiving was a success!