Sunday, August 31, 2014

Our Timp Backpacking Adventure

We decided to stay close this year...
Jac had the great idea of Backpacking to the top of Timp

It was a little rough, I will not lie! Someone thought she was going to "DIE" just one mile into our lovely 14 mile hike ;)

The views were breathtaking

Lunch never tasted so good! 2 miles down and...well, let's not even think about it!

Poor Tommy Boy got a bloody nose! "Yer done"

Carrying his AND some extra for little Sis...what a great brother!

 fun on the trail...we can do HARD THINGS ;)
All the hard work, sweat and tears paid off when we reached the meadow just below the saddle

We can't forget Dad's water filtering system...aren't we grateful for running water!

We woke up bright and early for our final assent to the top

It was worth EVERY SINGLE STEP!! What a beautiful sunrise!

 Emily was the first one back on the trail to head down for our next adventure

She was determined to have one of the thousands of butterflies land on her...happy day when her dream came true!
model shots for REI...ummm let's stick to running ;) 
After reaching the bottom, we drove our trusty truck around to the Front of Timp to find a camping spot for the night
Since Backpacking  Timp wasn't quite challenging enough, Jac and Thomas took off for a 9 mile run to the top of BALDY!

Matt and I decided to run Baldy the next morning...I know, we're slackers! It was quite the climb but worth the amazing view!

 Jac looks good in the morning without showering for 3 days!

Anyone need a shower?

Yep, they think they're pretty tough!
Our trip ended with taking showers and heading up to the Park City to love the sales right?!

We will never forget our 3 days spent on Timp...the challenges, the laughs, the beauty, the triumphs...the memories!!