Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I know you've been wondering WHAT we've been doing without any races….
Indoor Track of course!
Thomas raced at Utah State and had fun getting back into the swing of things!

Next up was the Distance Challenge…FUN STUFF
Jac is so happy to be running again! 
Thomas is loving the challenge of seeing just how fast he can go! His first 2 mile was a 10:19 at BYU and a 10:07 at the Ice oval
Thomas' mile time went from a 4:47 to a 4:39 during indoor!
Friends make running the BEST!
Next up….
Simplot games! 
Doesn't Thomas have the best friends?!
They travelled to Pocatello on Thursday to try and qualify for the 2 mile finals on Saturday
Thomas ran an amazing 9:59 two mile!
Finishing just 2 spots from the finals…way to go Thomas!
Jac ran a fantastic race, qualifying for Saturdays finals 
She felt good but was sore and tired Friday 
Saturday she started SO STRONG for the first mile; but her body just wasn't ready to race back to back yet…we decided she is 75% back since 3 of those 4 miles were awesome! Patience is SO hard to have when you want to be BACK! Jac will get there, on the Lords time ;) We are so proud of her efforts and desire to always do her best! Way to go Jac!
Thomas' art project…wonder what he thinks about 23/7? (He has to leave one hour for other things like…girls I mean homework!)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What do people focus on?

Emily's Science project was a very interesting experiment...
 She tested people to see if they reacted to color or words more…
Do men look at words more? 
Do Women look at color?

Conclusion: It's about equal…;)
 Way to work hard on your project Emily!
We are sooo sad it's the last science fair for our family ;)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Families are FOREVER

This was a very special night for our family…everyone able to enter the doors of the Temple and serve those who have gone before us. 
Matt was able to baptize all 3 kids for our ancestors… the spirit was so strong!
 Draper Temple
  Life is so much more than this time on earth…how grateful I am that we can be together through the eternities!