Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Jac is so good at her posts that I had to steal this one :) I added just a few comments... THANKS JAC!!
Thanks to the scholarship we got to go down to the conference with, we FLEW to Arizona instead of driving!
Of course we had to spend a few days with our cousins! (and Paco and Roxy... how could I forget?)
The Morph Man paid us a visit while we where there....
(actually it was just Jake)

The next day, Monica took us to Val Vista Lakes with her friend. The daughter's name is Annalise... she was really nice!

On this morning, I went to XC practice with Jake's team! It was at 5:30 a.m! That's what you get for living in Arizona! (The Coach asked her if she was transferring schools!)

 Uncle Wade took me on a scorpion hunt.... I killed this little guy with a hammer!
But alas, cousin time had to end, and we went to the hotel! It was quite fancy!
These are some of the families we met while we were there... they all have kids that have ADA SCIDS... just like Emily! It was so neat for Emily to meet other kids that have the same issues. All of us felt an instant bond with one another!
 The ADA SCID families...."COUSINS" we call ourselves!
The first day at the conference was focused completely on ADA SCIDS. We heard from Top doctors from  Italy and the UK and of course the US! It was amazing! We are so blessed to have them. One doctor even broke down in tears... you could see how much he cared for his patients!
There was a lazy river where we enjoyed spending our time at!
Emily and Mom played with the funnest people ever! (Monica, Hannah, and Sophia!)

I played with some new friends too!

We got a little bored with the Kiddie Corp babysitters they provided for us... so we tried on the ugliest clothes we could find in the gift shop!

This is us before one of the many meals they provided us! 

(me, Jacinda, Macy, Amanda, and Carolyn)

Some of the babysitting activities were fun... like the team fort building ones! My team was the Gnarly Ninjas and we made the award winning fort! Woot! Woot!

More friends!
(me, Jacinda, Ashlee, and Amanda)

I am so glad I met these friends! They made the experience much more fun!

(me, Jacinda, Emily, Madison, Macy, and Amanda)

It was amazing to be one of the only LDS people at the conference! Missionary opportunities popped up everywhere... I've never experienced that before!
It gave me a stronger testimony of what missionary work really is. It is not being afraid to live what you know is true and to share that knowledge with the people around you!

It was also neat to meet these kids that have immune deficiencies. They are tough kids, and it is amazing how easily we can relate to each other because of the disease that has affected us and our families.
There are good people everywhere!
For the last night, we stayed at Wade and Monica's again! 
Roxy would not leave Emily's side! She is one hilarious pup!
We also made 'Y' cookies for Mitch since he's at BYU! Yum!

This was a fun trip with just us girls!
(the boys were at Scout Camp)

Whiting Family Reunion!


First of all, I have to brag and say that I drove all the way to Cedar City, through the canyon, and up to the canyon! Oh ya!
We went fishing.... well watched others fish....

played together, ate together....
had the SWAG Olympics! ....
where there was archery, bean bag toss, ping pong, ladder ball, horseshoes, and phase 10!
Grandma's face tells it all.... (Mom, remember Jac put this picture in!)
We Whitings have got some super swag!

Where's Uncle Justin? (He must have thought he was funny to leave :( 
We had a retirement party for Grandma (who retires at the end of June!) and Grandpa (who just retired last year!)
Had some Campfire fun! (Mac made cheesy onions and we listened to the boys play guitar and Thomas sing opera!)
We visited Mammoth Caves....

 Whew! All of us made it out safely:)
All in all, I just have to say I am so glad I can be in this family! Life is a party when all of us are together!

We are FAMILY!
All fun cousins are we!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Abi and Dave's wedding

Abi and Dave Boyer, married June 3rd in the Salt Lake Temple
Do you think some of the guys have height issues???
Abi looked STUNNING in her wedding gown! (It was only 8 lbs!) Emily was one of her flower girls... a dream come true for her :)
Having fun while waiting for the couple to come out!
One of the highlights of the night was DANCING! Especially for Emily!

Grandpa even taught Thomas some of his dancing moves!
At the reception they displayed Abi's grandmother's and mother's wedding gowns. Each of them were handmade!
Jacqueline put on her Grandma Jackie's gown. Jacqueline was named after this wonderful woman!
The dress barely fit around Jacs ribcage, and she's only 14! (Oops she's 15!) Grandma Jackie was a very petite woman :)
Grandma Jackie was known to hold her hands this way :)
What a special opportunity to try on this beautiful gown and remember our Grandmother.

Monday, June 13, 2011

DC trip

Matt and I had the opportunity to go to Washington DC with the Immune Deficiency Foundation and talk with our Senators and State representatives from Utah about a Medicade bill for patients needing IVIG... this is what Emily was on for 7 years to keep her alive!
We stayed two extra days so we could see the sites and celebrate our 17th anniversary!
The Korean War Memorial was one of our favorites!
 Arlington Cemetery was beautiful!
Our gratitude for those who have fought and continue to fight for our country has grown so much!
It was very touching to visit the tomb of the unknown soldier.
"Unknown but to God"
We walked everywhere! In fact one day we got 13 miles in :)
We found an amazing yogurt place that was worth walking back to 3 times! It happened to be across the street from the Ford Theater where Lincoln was assassinated and the house that he died in.
There is so much HISTORY!!!
It was so incredible to actually SEE the things we have just read about in our history books.
Can you pick what my favorite display was??
We were amazed at the variety of things to see from Lincoln's top hat, animals, a concert in front of the Capital for Memorial Day, a man playing the... buckets.... and then an extremely sobering place like the Holocaust museum with images that will never be erased from our minds.

We can't wait to take our kids there someday... they would love it!