Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Adidas Cup

Thomas and his team prepping for the game...Cool kids!
 It's always fun to watch Thomas in action :)
Way to go on 3rd place Arsenal!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Heaps Reunion Day 1


Our crew at 5:30am

Lot's of family bonding time :)

Emerald Lake
Thomas, Matt, Jac, Jill, A.J., Jessica, Dave, Abi, Nate, Joe, Alex, Jake, Shirley, Tyson, (friend Steve)

The Saddle
Jacs' friends decided to join the party:
Tanner Todd, Min Edwards, Jac, Shane Collier, Dallin Griffin and Kaden Wilcox

Going all the way to the top!

beautiful scenery, great entertaining conversation and a few side adventures made for a great 12 hour adventure for all! 

Everyone made it back; tired, sore, and a little 'chafed' but we all made it!
Even Jake who is just 10 years old!
We finished the evening with a wonderful dinner at Aspen grove. Grandpa told us the legend of Timpanogos and we worked on filling our Heaps Family geo cache :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Man-chest-hair United...

3v3 soccer tournament
 a nice spin on the real 'Manchester United' soccer team

What is on Thomas' shirt?
Why, HAIR of course :)
 They make a very "Hairy" bunch don't you think?
 The last game they played was against the other 1/2 of their Arsenal team...the MON-STARS

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Big Springs

The girls were a little  ok, a lot nervous to go backpacking with all the recent fires; but the boys assured us that we would be safe! SO, after the awesome freedom Run we went!
This was the first time we have ever gone backpacking as a family so we decided Leo needed to join in on the fun! 
cooling off...
After hiking 3 miles trying to find a place to stay; we found the PERFECT camping spot!
It ended up being a camp for the Provo School District with wooden planks for the tents, running water and port-potties...THIS IS THE LIFE!
We enjoyed eating our dehydrated meals; Mac and Cheese for Em and Chicken Teriyaki for the rest of us... 
We all enjoyed a GREAT night sleep! 
After taking to the trails for a run; we spent the morning chatting, and laughing in our tent waiting for the rain to stop. After about 2 hours we decided it wasn't going to happen. SO we packed up and hiked down in the rain.
The perfect, warm, summer, kind of rain!
This will be a trip long remembered...The girls and I are grateful we put our fears aside to take on this great new adventure! 

Freedom Run

The perfect way to start off the 4th of July holiday...

Thomas ran the 5k 

There were only about 3000 runners...

He finished 17th place overall with an 18:12
2nd in his age group 13-15 yrs.
 Jac ran the 10k...
She finished 33rd overall - (5th female) with a 40:19
1st in her age group 16-19 yrs. 

Emily was a great cheerleader! So were Mom and Dad :)

Way to go kids!

Emily's annual check-up

Every year we look forward to Emily's Bone Marrow check-up (well, since her last transplant :) )
When we walked in we got to see another SCID friend, Karter!
Karter was 9 months old when he and Emily both had  transplants at the same time. It is so awesome to see both of them so healthy!

Emily is doing FANTASTIC! Her numbers are all in the HEALTHY range!
It feels SO great to be able to say that :)

We are especially grateful because she is going to be getting cochlear implants. Something that she would not be able to do without a strong immune system. God is truly watching over this little girl!

Happy Day...Happy Day!

It's cake time!

Emily baked her very first cake! 

She had so much fun decorating it.
It was delicious!
She promised Grandpa that she would make a new one when he comes home from his mission :)
She is going to be a pro by then!