Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There is "No Charge for AWESOMENESS!"

 Thomas ran for 7th grade V.P. !
He won and is loving every second of it!

Congrats Thomas!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving highlights...

November is the month we love to do a THANKFUL poster on our door...

I think my favorite is "Not getting in trouble" :)
The Buhrley's came for the week YA HOO! 
Justin had the great idea of going hiking so we went up Rock Canyon. We even found a cave to explore!
What's Thanksgiving without a RACE?
 TURKEY TROT here we come! 
Emily, Justin and Gracie ran the kids 1 mile! They were AMAZING! It was hard work but they kept going till the end! We are so PROUD of them!
This picture is right after...they are still deciding if they had fun or not...if it wasn't for the stomach aches from eating breakfast right before they would have felt much better. Way to fight through the pain!
 "Don't worry Grandma, it's not your fault" :) 
After getting a Turkey Trot t-shirt and a cool water bottle life was SWEET!
Jac and Thomas did amazing as always :)
Off to Steve and Sherry's for dinner... 
Good times!
Our attempt at a family picture...
We ended the day at the Parish's for more pie and games...

A PERFECT THANKSGIVING spent with the Heaps AND Whitings!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today I am THANKFUL for parents who are willing to give up their lives as they know it and go to...
the PHILIPPINES for the next 2 years!
If you know my parents, you know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true if they are willing to take this adventure!
Good thing we know it's true too;  it will make saying goodbye a little bit easier :)


Monday, November 21, 2011

The "Willard" Party

Every year Mrs. Rivera's husband comes home from from being overseas for a few weeks. The kids get so excited when he comes because that means it's Party time!
All the kids have been practicing the waltz, the swing and proper manners when at a dance....they were so excited for the big day!

Not only did the kids get to dance but they had very fancy Chocolate fountains with their choice of chocolate and white chocolate with a huge selection of treats to dip in the chocolate!
The boys were such gentlemen, leading the girls by the arm and pulling their chairs out for them. It was so fun to see them being so grown up!

Emily's favorite part was the DANCING! She could have danced all night :)
She truly felt like a princess!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This was the United States of America Track and Field (USATF) State qualifier for Nationals
Thomas was ready for this!
He ran a very smart race coming in 2nd place behind a 9th grader... not too shabby!
Congratulations boys on qualifying for Nationals!
Jac ran a smart race too! This time with a different team...Sojourners. Girls from Orem High, Timpview and Lehi are now together as one! Bringing this kind of talent together will make heads turn at Nationals for sure!
She finished 2nd in her age and 3rd overall and felt GREAT!
THIS, is why running is SO FUN!
The girls are going to Myrtle Beach South Carolina...CONGRATS!
Jac and Thomas didn't lack support at this race! We had family from Arizona, Idaho and Spanish Fork!
Perfect timing! Thanks for being such great cheerleaders!

How do you get ready for a big race?

CARB-LOAD of course!
Michael, Austin, Matt, Thomas, Emma and Katie
The Jr High team had a great time eating, dancing and watching "Nacho Libre" to prep for the big day!
Apparently, they are REALLY good dancers :)


Jac and Thomas got to run the pre-footlocker race together...
We woke up to a FREEZING, blizzard like, windy, snowy day...and there was going to be a RACE? You bet!
The girls were anxious to start so they could get warm!
Jac was ready to prove that she has what it takes...
SHE DID! We were so proud of her determination. She did amazing coming in 2nd place with a 20:02 
Now it was the boys turn. Could Thomas keep up? Well, out of the 140 HIGH SCHOOL BOYS that ran, Thomas came in 80th with a 20:05...just 3 seconds behind big Sis...
When standing in line at the finish line he told the guy in back of him he was a 7th grader...The junior was in shock! It was fun to watch Thomas as he fit right in with all the big boys! He even beat Shane :) 
Everyone did a fantastic job and qualified for Footlocker in California...
Let's hope for warmer weather :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Emily dressed as a Holland girl...NOT HEIDI! (People kept asking if she was Heidi.)
 "Mom, I don't even know who Heidi is!" She is a very deprived child :)
Thomas and Matt couldn't resist going out so they took Emily along so she wouldn't be "lonely" before going out with her friend Cambry. Aren't they so nice?!
Where is Jac? Doing isn't it?
As for Matt and I, we enjoyed answering the door and handing out candy to all the cute little and not so little trick or treaters :) Especially my cute little primary kids!

Is that a flying ghost?
Emily loves to decorate our house for the holidays! She hung ghosts from our ceiling fans.
She put them in the master bedroom but Matt had nightmares that ghosts and goblins were chasing him so we had to take them down :)
Happy Haunting everyone!