Sunday, October 12, 2014 Boise!

 When Thomas found out Homecoming was going on when we were in Boise he grabbed his friend Connor and talked Mandi and her friend Cami into letting them take them! 
"Theres a dance? Lets go!"
 Thomas missed his dance by a week since he wasn't 16 yet, so he was pretty excited to go in Idaho ;)

I think they had fun, don't you?

What great cousins! 
Cami was a great date and they all had a fantastic time!

Bob Firman 2014

This year we the Buhrleys offered their house for the team dinner...THANK YOU!
The kids loved hanging out at the pool and having the coaches give them some inspiring words before the big day. 

Not many people can say they've had a busload of people at their house! 

 Pretty awesome varsity team!
 Tommy Boy finished 39th overall and the team finished in 6th place!
 It has been such a blast being with these kids!

My baby boy is 16!

He can't be 16 already!
Time to party with friends! 
He blew out candles on his birthday pizza ;)

 Thomas got lots of gum and other things to help him with his dates! ;)

Party with the Whitings and then... 
Official License!! 
He took his first solo into Orem for a haircut and only got lost for an hour trying to find the house. Not too bad for a newbie!

Happy 16th Tommy Boy! 

Dog Show

If you know Emily, you know how much she LOVES dogs!!
Sooo, we took her to the Worlds biggest Sheep herding dog show in Midway 
She was in HEAVEN! 
We got to see Dogs doing all kinds of tricks like these!
 Since we were so close, we HAD to stop at our favorite outlet store ;)
Emily met her sole mate
Good Times! ;)