Sunday, October 28, 2012

Clear Creek

Overnighter with the big kids :)

It's hard to believe Emily is old enough for this kind of stuff!
I was lucky enough to get to come along!
It was FREEZING; but SO FUN :)

The kids did rotations throughout the day with activities like
Volcano making....

and team building games
Maddy Winterton, Emily and Cambry Johnson 
The first snow of the year made it extra fun for everyone! 
  Bunk mates
Emily, Maddy, Cambry, Faith, Maddy
Sego Lily 5th grade girls...well, most of them :) 
We finished the camp with a "Very long" hike. I'm not sure HOW the kids survived it! Especially after their 10 minute night hike the night before! 
How can you NOT LOVE THIS GIRL?! Thanks for letting me come with you Em!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Soccer

Congrats to the team for taking 2nd place, which means...
Moving up to Premier in the spring!

Some favorites of Thomas...
Great season Arsenal!

Friday, October 19, 2012

State 2012

Jac was SO ready for this race; mentally AND physically!

It was a "Great day for a race"!

Jac went out strong and stayed with the lead pack for the first mile

As the race went on, we knew things weren't right. Jac went from the top 5 to finishing in 31st place.
It was devastating! A nightmare you never want to have to see!
Our hearts ached as we saw her come across the finish line; feeling so defeated. "Whats wrong with me?" "I just gave up!" "I failed!" Were the first words out of her mouth.
If you know Jacqueline, you KNOW she NEVER GIVES UP! She might let a few girls pass her and kick herself later for it but this season she has really been struggling. She is stronger than ever but then race day comes and her body can't sustain.
Is she growing out of her speed? Is it too much training? Is there something physically wrong?
We had so many questions! A few friends, including the AF coach, suggested taking her in to get her iron checked.
When we took her to the Doctor he told us her iron was just fine but he was concerned about her thyroid. Sure enough, the blood tests show she has a low thyroid. The doctor told us we are lucky to have found it now because without treatment she would just get worse during this next year.

We should have done this testing back in the spring when she first showed signs of extra fatigue but we   just thought she was going through a slum. She seemed to pull out of it by the end of track season but it started all over with XC season. It took bonking this bad to give us the wake up call we needed!

Jac is SO TOUGH, she never blames others and always looks inward to see how she can improve and be better. What a strength this is usually BUT she refused to admit how bad her legs were hurting and how "off" she felt, thinking it was just her mental attitude that needed adjusting.

The lessons learned this season have been tough ones. Lessons that have already strengthened and will continue to strengthen her!
"There are no bad races if you learn from them!"

We feel so blessed to have answers! We still have more testing to see how severe and what kind of treatment needs to be done but at least we are on the right path to getting her better.

Jac will be back to her normal strong running self in no time!

Maddy, Emily, Nicole, Emma, Kenzie, Jac, Angela
LEHI GIRLS 4th place

Jac came home yesterday saying how grateful she is to have such great friends. She has always known this but to see people rally around her and show how much they love her no matter means a lot to her AND to her family :)
It is a great reminder on what life is really about!

We are so proud of you Jac!

UPDATE...Just got  call from the doctor. Jac's thyroid is OK, BUT she has MONO! Her levels are sky high! on two of the levels that are supposed to be between 20-30 she has 112 and 225! The other level is 21 points OVER the highest usual level!

He said this starting coming on at least a month ago...makes a lot of sense doesn't it?!

NO she has NOT been kissing boys! :)

She also has lower iron than needed for athletes so she will start her on meds for that. As for the mono...she needs lots and lots of REST!! We are praying for a quicker than usual recovery :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

St. George Marathon

me, Leesa, Tamara, Vera Lyn...Jessica is injured :(
The amazing ladies I run with…Wake up at 5 and get free therapy :)

My favorite running Partner...well we run in the same races anyway :) 

Going for our last little run to shake out our legs before race day

We stayed at Tamara's aunt and uncles house. The Jones STOLE the bottom bunk! ;)

We all survived!
Matt qualified for BOSTON with a 3:13!
After my knee gave out for 3 miles I was VERY HAPPY with a to cut that down by 19 minutes so I can run Boston too!

Yea, we are pretty much awesome!

So awesome in fact that Matt just had to wear his medal to the Priesthood session that night...hee hee!

After hobbling around for a week we are once again looking forward to future races; stay tuned :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our Teacher

Thomas was ordained a Teacher. We were so lucky to have Grandpa and Grandma Heaps there...Grandma and Grandpa Whiting were there in spirit of course ;)
Bad picture but a moment we don't want to forget :)

Thomas got his first calling:
He is a home teacher!  His companion is the best man and mentor ever... his Dad!
He is growing up WAAY too fast! When I heard missionaries can leave when they turn 18 I started to cry like a baby! Good thing he will have just started his senior year in high school so I will get him for a few months longer. YES, I know it's over 4 years away but how could you not miss a boy like Thomas?!

XC Region

Getting pumped up for the BIG RACE!

I LOVE these girls!

Jac was AWESOME!!! 
She took 16 seconds off her pre-region time and came closer to the 1st place girl then ever before!

The team took 2nd place!
 Racing is SO MUCH FUN :)

Look out STATE here we come!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thomas' Jr. High XC

Thomas led the pack for the Jr. High XC meet :)
WAY TO GO Lehi Jr. High XC!