Monday, January 31, 2011

What = FUN?


and of course, a CRAZY game of "Minute to Win it"!

With that equation, how can you NOT have FUN??


Friday, January 28, 2011

Morning, Midday or Afternoon?

This was Thomas' question for this years science fair...
??What is the best time in the day for the average student to learn??

He decided to test Emily's third grade class for 5 days.
He tested them morning, midday and afternoon.

He brought in 10 different items, let them look at them for 30 seconds; then gave them 1 minute to write down the things they remembered.
It was a very interesting study. Overall as a class, the kids did better in the afternoon remembering an average of 5 items each.
As individuals, the  kids that did better in the morning remembered an average of 6 more items! The kids that did better in the afternoon remembered an average of 3 more.
Thomas did a great job, so great in fact that he is moving on to DISTRICT! 
Congrats Thomas! :)


School Pics...

I finally did it! I hate buying school pictures and promised myself we would take them ourselves.
They aren't pro but at least they are done :) 

I am SO LUCKY to have these 3!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Was Jacqueline ready?? 

What do you think??
OH YEA she was READY!

medley relay
3rd place

200 IM... 
4th place

100 Breast stroke... 
4th place 
If that's not good enough Lehi WON REGIONS...BOTH GIRLS and BOYS! The girls won by 1 point!  It was very exciting! This hasn't happened in years.

We are in awe of her "AWESOMENESS!"

Jac will be going to State with the medley relay and the 100 breast stroke. 

Did I mention she's a FRESHMAN?


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A day to remember!

For Christmas this year Amber and I decided to take Grandma and Grandpa snow shoeing! It was a first for them and the Parish's!
It was a beautiful day. The trail was tricky in parts which added to the fun!

My mom might ask "WHY did you post those pictures?!"
Here is the reason:
She has the BEST attitude when it comes to facing challenges!
We were able to watch how Grandma's determination and positive attitude helped her to keep going! If she slipped, she got right back up, laughed, and kept going.  (She even decided it could count as exercise!)

You can tell your kids how important attitude and determination is but to actually SEE it in action makes all the difference! This day will not be forgotten!

Grandpa couldn't let Grandma have all the fun falling:)
I think all of us took a turn or two!
Everyone enjoyed hiking and playing in the snow. The kids were soaking wet by the end!
My parents have taught us well! :)

We finished with sliding down a hill... Grandma yelled all the way down 
"OH this is soo scary... but OH this is SOO FUN!!"
Amber knew just how to get the best start and Thomas and Nicki enjoyed catching some air...

 Thomas is our crazy man!!!

Thanks for all the wonderful memories! We will definitely do it again!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Life with... EMILY!

As you can see in the pictures, there is never a dull moment with Emily around! As long as she has paper, scissors, TAPE, and boxes she's got it made:)
Emily will always be our miracle girl. We count our blessings every day that she is still with us! I'm sorry but I get pretty sappy around this time of year but it's hard not to:) She is a pure joy to have around. I love to see what new creations she will come up with next. (even though it can get pretty messy at times; I just have to remind myself that this is her THING! It is what she does best!) 
She LOVES to be with her friends and one of her favorite things to ask EVERY day is "What are we doing tonight?" She is always up for a party!!!

After swimming, Mia came over and joined in on the party. They partied all night with pizza, Lady bug cake, crafts, balloon games and a movie! FUN TIMES :)

Happy 9th Birthday sweetie
We love you!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's that time again...

Our first Snowshoeing trip of the year!
 As we started up the trail trying to convince Emily that she wanted to do this; we watched a couple come down just 10 minutes after starting, telling us they were "dying". Matt and I realized what AMAZING kids we have. They are so tough! Emily is a trooper to let us drag her on these trips. Our hope is that ONE day, she will be glad :)
Jac and Thomas entertained themselves during our little breaks by creating many "human tracks" for future hikers to find...
It's hard to see in the pictures but we found a very cool igloo!

Matt always comes prepared to make HOT CHOCOLATE. mmm :) it's a great tradition!

It's so fun to capture the beauty of each season and get away from the haze and fog in the valley :)

Let's play some B-Ball!

Here are a few of my favorite action shots of Thomas' first B-Ball game of the season

He learned ALL of his skills from his mother of course! (Hey I can say what I want when I am in charge of the blog right?)
They won 37 to 0... hmmm I think they might have a good season :)!