Monday, February 18, 2013

Simplot 2013

Jac and Emily missed their "calling" in life...FARM GIRLS!

Simplot takes place at Idaho State University in's one the fastest indoor tracks in the nation. It makes for a LOT of driving on Thursday and then again on Saturday, but WORTH EVERY MILE :)

Maddy, Candace, Emily, Jac, ? and Summer
Jac ran well, she finished with her best 2 mile time of this season...11:28
She of course wanted better...that's our Jac :) Believe me, we will be seeing great things this year, great things!
Emily's favorite part was running the track after all the races were over...GO EM!

ANOTHER surgery???

Ear Tubes...yes, it seems strange to have to put holes in the ears that we just covered up with skin; BUT with 2 months of an ear infection that won't clear up even after 3 rounds of antibiotics there isn't much choice. we go again!

BRAVE is Emily's middle name...6 surgeries in one year is more than enough to prove her bravery don't you think?
Waiting to go in...We are so proud of you Em :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Activity Day Brunch

My Princess!

I was lucky enough to go with Emily to the Activity Day girls brunch

Sister Beatty and Sister Moor are amazing leaders!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Light the fire within...

A great way to start indoor track season...

At the Olympic Oval. An ice short track, a speed ice track, hockey, and ice skating all inside the running track!

Thomas gets to run with the "big boys" since it's club season. He loves the challenge!

Jac and some of her awesome team mates :)

Jac was ready to prove that her Mono days are in the past...

She did awesome!

Emily, Kenz, Jac and Maddy...2nd Place in the 800 relay!
Even though Emily said we "ruined her life" by making her spend 13 hours at the Olympic Oval this weekend; she was a great cheerleader!

Way to go Jac and Thomas!