Monday, February 29, 2016

Phoenix Marathon

After coming sooo close to Qualifying for the Boston marathon at the St. George Marathon; I decided to jump into another one FAST so we signed up for the Phoenix Marathon in February
 Well, training wasn't the best, my body wasn't ready to jump back into intense training and I got a stress fracture in my foot ;(
Determined to still race since we already paid for it (of course we would still run!) I did most of my training miles on the bike and wished for the best
My friends sent me this good luck basket...yep, they are the best!

The best part of traveling to Phoenix meant being with family!...cute Georgia!Matt is a natural with kids!

Monica knows just how to make us feel right at home! 
Matt came in at 3:21...not his best race but it was solid considering his training 
My goal was to finish without too much pain...My legs cramped up at mile 11 but I had no pain in my foot so I kept was slow but I finished with a 4:27 Waaay off BQ time but that's ok ;)
 It was a beautiful day and a nice weekend getaway from the cold, gray winter in Utah!

We were lucky enough to spend the last night with family in the BEAUTIFUL Arizona weather!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

February randoms ;)

We love hanging out with our YSA friends!

This is when Grandma and Grandpa miss us! 
Our 'snow angel'
Jackie got to go to dinner with Uncle Jeremy in Seattle 

snapping with Jac is the best!

'Color Me Mine' fun

 We love Sunday time with cousins!

Emily loves to create new things ;) 
During Christmas break I lost my diamond....I was sooo sad! 
Matt got me a new one to make up for it!  Don't worry, I won't lose this one!
Thomas at Sweethearts 
Thomas has such a fantastic group of friends!