Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy 14!

It's hard to believe Thomas is 14 years old!
He has officially reached 6 feet tall! a quarter of an inch OVER in fact!

14 things we LOVE about Thomas..

  1. His drive and determination to always do his best
  2. His love for chocolate coconut ice-cream
  3. His love for Peanut butter by the spoonful and toast..tortillas...toast...tortillas and then some more!
  4. His hard work ethic...even when it comes to jobs around the house!
  5. His tender heart for young and old
  6. His sincerity and kindness; making everyone feel like they are his best they matter!
  7. His love and passion for RUNNING and running attire :)
  8. His love for reading
  9. His worthiness to hold the priesthood 
  10. Telling his mom that she is "Fantastic!"
  11. His patience with his sisters ;) or is it their patience with him?...
  12. His humbleness and willingness to listen to suggestions on how to change or improve...then following them!
  13. His sense of humor and HAPPINESS!
  14. The responsible and determined way he gives 110% towards his callings and assignments big or small.
Wow, I could go on all you can see we are pretty darn lucky to have Thomas around!

Having a birthday while in Boise was an extra treat...for EVERYONE! 
Swimming, hot tubbing... 
Lou saving the day...
Let's just say he got the
"HERO OF THE DAY" award! 

Last but not least, celebrating around the fire with Thomas' favorite...chocolate coconut ice-cream
(yes it's a home made healthy ice-cream...Thomas wouldn't have it any other way!) 
We love the Buhrley's! 
Happy Birthday Thomas!

Bob Firman

XC racing is fun; especially in Boise Idaho :)
Just 5 minutes away from the Buhrley's...even better!
The Girls Varsity and some of the JV team hitched a ride with Mountain Views XC team.
It was a nice Las Vegas bus with a lovely girl on the back...makes for some great memories :) 
Back: Mary, Emma, Sam, Jac, Emily Angela
Front: Ashley, Maddy, Kenz, Nicole

The girls prepping with their team cheer...

Jac held strong for most of the race!

Jac finished 21st...not her best race but lot's of lessons learned.
The team took 7th out of 94 schools!

Thomas got to race in the 6th-8th grade division. There were about 200 boys!

This course was really fun with all kinds of terrain; even a sandy beach!

Thomas fighting to get 3rd place.
He was barely passed at the end coming in 4th!

Thomas with Bob Firman

The Buhrley's make great cheerleaders :)

You can tell how the kids felt about their races ;)

This is us trying to sympathize with Jac...
 Emily was in HEAVEN with her cousins!
 Thomas is all smiles getting his medal and cow for awards :)
Way to go Thomas!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Homecoming 2012

Jac with Shane Collier

During the day, they hiked Bridal Veil Falls; had hotdogs with no mustard or ketchup :) and had a great time! AS ALWAYS...when your with friends!

As you can see...this is a great group of friends!
They enjoyed a wonderful meal at Sprinky's, taking these great pictures, dancing (well, I am not sure how much dancing they did), and for the finale' they enjoyed dessert while watching the BYU/Utah game. Too bad our team didn't win ;) FUN TIMES :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I love to see the Temple...

One great highlight of traveling to Logan for Dr. Appointments...

Going to the Brigham City Temple open house!
It is so beautiful; inside and out!

Just like Em 

I love this girl!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Jac's Races...

Jac has had a great XC season so far...


Soldier Hollow...
 2nd place overall

Tiffany, Maddy, Jac, Emily, Kenzie

Girls team took 1st place!

Ya...they are pretty cool!

Kenz, Jac, and Emily
Prepping for the race...note the porta potties in the background ;)
Herriman Invite...

The brutal "Mutha Cussa" Hill (sand was brought in to make it even harder!) 
 the side pony...
Jac finished 2nd place overall...
The girls team took 2nd place!

can you tell what we've been doing lately?