Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Snowshoeing with the Family

This year the snow was PERFECT for snowshoeing during Christmas break

This is on top of Suncrest which looks over the valley

The best way to go down ;)

Our next trip was to Donut Falls up Big Cottonwood Canyon

Actually, it's a very easy hike…just a little tricky to get to the cave

It was worth the climb!!

Merry Christmas!


The kids humor me with this picture every year ;)

Another tradition…sleeping downstairs ALL CHRISTMAS BREAK!

Ready to come upstairs…Grandma and Grandpa helped sing "Jingle Bells" as they walked up

Jac is a LITTLE excited about her sweatshirt

Favorite Pez characters…Spiderman (of course) Thor and R2D2

So lucky to have them with us!

It's a scarf Christmas ;)

Breakfast time!

Emily loves Clone wars…ALOT!

Thomas' gift to Jac

Thomas and Emily's gifts to each other 

Jac and Emily's gifts to each other

The big surprise…DISNEYLAND this spring ;)


Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve!
This year we spent the day with the Parish's and Grandma and Grandpa Whiting

Gingerbread houses and Starwars creations were a hit!
It was a wonderful evening with white elephant gifts and watching a darling nativity video. We ended the night with our testimonies of Christ…a perfect way to celebrate our Saviors birth!

It's a Heaps Christmas party!

The annual Heaps Christmas party was at our house this year
We ate yummy food, enjoyed some great white elephant gifts and of course, each others company! 
Jake and Emily
Abe, Dave, Debbie and Abi 

Grandpa skyping with Elder Dave Heaps from China

Alaina and JaAnn came from Arizona
Matt and Jill, Austin and Chelsea, Steve and Sherry, Richard and Sylvia, Collin and Ali,
Joe and Shirley, Brig and Lauren, Abi and Dave
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Monday, December 30, 2013


Jac committing to run for Coach Spence at UTAH STATE!!
Our girl is going to be an AGGIE!

XC Awards Night

 It's crazy to think it's Jac's last XC season for Lehi 

Jac and Kenz were awarded with the PIONEER SPIRIT award….PERFECT! 
Thomas received the OUTSTANDING FRESHMAN award…Couldn't have said it better myself ;)