Friday, May 22, 2015

Spring at the Heaps house!

Zoo Day with Emily...AWESOME!!

Dates are always the BEST!

Emily had to get tubes in...AGAIN! Let's hope this set will last a very long time...Lot's of anxiety for this girl! 
Finally peaceful after a successful surgery ;) 
Dad's favorite phrase ;)
21 years! 
Emily and Rowdy 
May the "4th" be with you (Leo the ewok)
Emily and Uncle Justin!
Emily got to spend the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Whiting
Loved having Justin with us for the night!! 

Emily's friends Abby and Ansley from Matt's BYU Ward
They came to see her at Bridle Up Hope! 
Saying goodbye is NOT easy! 
Awkward family photos are the BEST! ;)

Thomas Track Pics

 It was a great Sophomore season for outdoor track!
Here are a few highlights... 

There were ups and downs & lots of lessons learned...all in finished STRONG!
Way to push hard and do your best Tommy Boy!!
What an awesome group of boys!

Coach Jamie...what an awesome Coach!

Thomas goes to Prom!

What an awesome group of friends!
 Mckenzie, Austin, Maddy, Michael, Meagan, Ryley, Makiah, Thomas

 Matt and I had fun helping out with pictures ;)

Thats my boy! 

It was an awesome night...even though we fed nuts to MaKiah...who ended up in the ER but what a great story right?!


Easter was on Conference weekend...PERFECT!
It was awesome weather for an Easter egg hunt!

 AJ....finding the good ones!

Mitch Erika and Thomas getting in on the action! 
 Lauren and BT
Our master photo bomber! 
 Austin and Jessie
Harper scored BIG TIME! 
 Emily and Cooper
 Dave, Joe, Alice, Debra, Matt and Steve 
Steve always knew he was the tall one in the family! 
Cute little Lilly!

Alice's friend, Ali, Tyson and Nate 
Grandma and Grandpa Heaps, Deb 
Sister and Brother hall, Grandma Whiting

Grandpa Whiting and Melissa 
Marianne and her Mommas boy BT! 
 Colllin and Ali

Like I said...the master photo bomber ;)

We loved having everyone over this year...we missed Jackie though!!