Sunday, December 23, 2012

Trisha and TJ Besendorfer

My beautiful niece and her sweet husband!

Emily and Grace were so excited to be part of the wedding :)

Hanging out at the reception...

I love these pictures of Emily with her Dad

The funniest part of the evening:
Justin catching the bouquet!

You never know what's going to happen when these 3 get together!
Best friends :) 
The perfect way for these two to start their lives together!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Footlocker 2012

WHAT do you do when you are 12 hours away from your parents?
while mom and dad sit home crying ;)
Yep, it's FOOTLOCKER time :)
Not only did Jac have her brother along for the ride but MIN surprised the whole team to run as a pioneer one more time! 
(I knew she was coming for about a month and it was killing me not to say anything!) this who we trusted to be in charge of our sweet, innocent, darling children???
I LOVE that these two are such great friends!
Enjoying the space museum (I think that's what it was)

Jac ran in the junior race and took 9th place.
(not what she was hoping for BUT, she is looking forward to being 100% again for track. She is going to be stronger than ever!)
Thomas ran in the 7th -8th grade race and took 6th place.


Christmas Oranges

Emily's librarian...her very FAVORITE librarian in the whole world because she lets her check out books during recess and even on days that aren't her class library day...yes she is the BEST!
ANYWAY, she wrote the book "Christmas Oranges". It is now on video and she invited the whole school to a very special "red carpet" viewing at the high school.
to say Emily was excited is an UNDERSTATEMENT! :)

She carefully laid out her "fancy clothes" the night before...we have never seen her so prepared...EVER!
It was SO much fun and she felt like a STAR!!

What a fun memory :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Surround Sound...

It's official...Emily can now hear with BOTH ears!

Emily's appointment went AMAZING! SO AMAZING in fact that we didn't even have to go back the next day! Her brain recognized her new cochlear and adapted perfectly. We were gearing up for a very difficult transition. Emily has been happier than ever being able to hear from both sides!

We get to try out a brand new cochlear in the spring that will come with the magnet part over the ear part at all! The company just announced this new cochlear 30 minutes before our appointment. Emily doesn't like that she has to wait "so long" but we look forward to trying it out :)