Tuesday, July 30, 2013


WHAT are you going to do when it's raining??


 Pretty much a PERFECT day for a Trail run ;)

Monday, July 29, 2013


Emily and I set off on quite the adventure
the IDF FAMILY CONFERENCE in Baltimore (Immune Deficiency Foundation)

Emily couldn't wait to get on the plane!

This is what happens after 4 hours of flight....

The first day we had the amazing opportunity to attend Advocacy Day on Capital Hill.
We met with the office staff of  Representative Jason Chaffetz, Senator Hatch and Senator Lee. 

Emily and Ryan Berger both have SCID and talked about their treatments. Sydney is Ryan's adorable sister!

I can't tell you how proud I was of Emily. She was so brave and talked so clearly!!!

A HUGE highlight of the trip was spending the day with the amazing family in DC.
Monica and her girls Sophie and Hannah. Hannah has ADA SCIDS also. We met at the conference in Arizona a few years ago. They will be FOREVER FRIENDS!!
There are some people you meet that you automatically bond and connect with....this is one of those friendships! We had a total blast!
Note the picture of Emily at the Lincoln monument. The girls were so tough all day, they even ran up the stairs to see Mr. Lincoln...Emily wasn't too impressed!

The girls loved going to the museums together. The day ended WAY too soon ;(
This is the view from our hotel...I could run on the treadmill and watch a game every night! 
Emily wasn't impressed ;) 
The Conference was good I was able to see old friends and make new ones. It's so great to talk with other families who have and are going through the same things.
Emily enjoyed the kiddie corp only because she had Ryan and Sydney to hang out with but she got to see Iggy, one of her favorite stuffed animals in real life! :) 
Emily's stuffed animals got to share 1/2 of our bed...lucky me!

Yep, the Berger's are those kind of friends too!! Love that family! Emily couldn't say enough nice things about what a thoughtful, beautiful and kind friend Sydney was...I completely agree!

Another great ADA SCID buddy Ray Berryhill (yes they are the same age!)

Ryan Berger, Ray Ballard and Emily...all born with SCIDS

SCID MOMS! Love this group of ladies!!!

On the last night we were treated to dinner and a night at the Baltimore times!

On the way back we found a CANDY STORE!
Our last day we spent walking around the Baltimore Bay

ENTERTAINMENT while waiting for our DELICIOUS meal ;) got to love iPhone pics!

The trip was a great success! It was a great adventure!

Thursday, July 25, 2013




One of our favorite things to do in the summer…eat raspberries from Grandpa's garden!

And an extra just for fun!
We are so blessed :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Utah Valley Marathon

For Matt anyway...I was 'lucky' enough to get a stress fracture on top of my Tibia which kept me away from running for 8 weeks right in the middle of training!

DESIGN BY JAC! Isn't it awesome!?
She did it for a shirt design contest...then we found out you had to be 18 years old to enter ;( oh well, it's awesome anyway!

Pre-race meals are the BEST!

I was able to run the 10k with these beautiful ladies from my ward
Angie Larson, Christy Allfrey and Hailey Christensen
They are running buddies and planned to wear matching shirts...I just happened to be wearing the exact same shirt!! It was meant to be ;)

Matt and I decided to run for our friends daughter who just passed away. Tatum was such a fighter!!! It kept us motivated to fight like she did

Can you imagine having the energy to give high fives at the end of a 26 mile run? That's my man for you!!!

Finished with a 3:09!!!

We are just a little excited to go to Boston next year :)
I had a fun race and actually placed 2nd in my age category! FIRST PRIZE EVER!!
We won't mention that all the fast people were running the full and 1/2 marathons ;)

It feels so great to RUN!!!