Thursday, May 23, 2013

BYU Invite

BYU of the biggest meets of the year
the 2 mile

Jac ran a solid race but just wasn't feeling the "fire"

the 1 mile

Today would be different...we got to see the REAL JAC!!!

Jac ran so strong the entire race! 
She even brought us to our feet as she passed girls the last 200 meters! 

She finished with a 5:07.7  PR baby!
As you can see EVERYONE was so excited for her! 

Congrats on 5th place overall

It's so fun to have a big cheering section :)
We knew you had it in you!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Alpine Days


It was a beautiful WINDY day for a race :)


As always, Thomas went out STRONG! 
He led the pack the whole time till the last 100 meters!

It was a solid race and we are so proud of him!
He came in with a 4:55 in the WIND!! 

It was a beautiful COLD and WINDY day for a race :)

The 800 
Thomas was DETERMINED to keep the lead all the way to the end...

And that's EXACTLY what he did!
Finishing with a the wind :) CONGRATULATIONS on an AMAZING season Thomas!
FRIENDS, FAMILY and RUNNING...who can beat that?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hope of America

Emily was able to participate in the Hope of America program this year at the Marriott Center. She was SO excited and nervous for this huge event!
 We loved watching her sing.

PROM 2013

Jac was TOTALLY wanting me to take photos of her while she was waiting for her date...modeling should be in her near future don't you think?

The funnest part of the date ;)

Daniel Woodward and Jac
Daniel, Jac, Ali, and Chase

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Welcome Home Grandma and Grandpa!

President and Sister Whiting arrived home safely from their mission in the Philippines!
They served for 15 wonderful, hard months but had to cut it short so Grandpa could have a pacemaker put in. It was time to come home!

As you can see, we are all VERY GRATEFUL they arrived safe and sound!
 Uncle Brent, Aunt Lanae, Aunt Elaine, Grandpa, Jac, Jill, Matt, Amber, Grandma and Emily
Grandpa did Grandma's hair while they were gone. He did a fantastic job!
We are so happy to have them back! 

Thomas grew a little while they were gone... :) 
So did Trish :) happy baby time Trish!

Grandma and Grandpa have been AMAZING missionaries! The people in the Philippines won't know what to do without you!

Thomas tracks...

8th Grade Track begins!
This year Coach Harman asked Thomas if the team could use his schedule that Matt made for him. He of course was happy to share! Matt helped him make 3 different programs to fit the kids fitness levels.
It's been fun to see the kids taking on the challenge!

Thomas has enjoyed the races and the great training runs with his awesome friends!
Here is a picture of "Tom's Crew" as Coby's Dad put's it :)
It's been a great season so far! Thomas has been running really strong!