Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Heaps' Happenings...

 Dances...Super fun!
Ugly sweaters for the Winter Dance were a must!

and of course awkward photos ;)

Yep, This is a picture of the dress Thomas' date wore and him after he came home...he said it was fun. I'm sure they looked fabulous! (Thats what you get, when your out of town!)

 Emily has a new pass time...HORSES!
She volunteers and takes lessons at Bridle Up Hope

She feels right at home with the horses!
Just like she does with Leo...Yes he sleeps on her pillow!

Jac's indoor track

What happens when your daughter is in college and she is racing out of state?

Boise State was a favorite since our favorite Buhrley family lives there! (not to mention I needed 2 root canals in 10 days...thus the look on my numb face!)
Jac had a some rough races at the first but then we got this....
She had an awesome race!
New Mexico was an ADVENTURE!!!

This is ICE on our car! The storm was so bad we had to stay the night in Colorado

We had to take a detour to 4 corners

Jac ran so is so fun to watch her reaching her goals!

We stayed with our awesome friends the Edwards. We miss having them live close to us! 

 After watching Jac, we did a little "shopping" and had some sushi making lessons!

Beats the $3 cone on our way home ;)

Good times....Good times!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Indoor Track

Winter months = too cold to run? NO WAY!
Thomas had a great indoor track are some of my favorite pics:)

Connor, Thomas and Sean...great team!

Doesn't matter what school...runners are friends!
Thomas ran a 4:31 PR WAHOO!!

Jac surprised Thomas and came to cheer him on!

Thomas and his girls! AKA Jac's awesome roommates!

Congrats on a great season Tommy Boy!