Monday, May 31, 2010


Grafton and Laurisa Milne
My niece Laurisa was married to an amazing man, Grafton Milne, on May 28th, in the Mesa Arizona Temple.
It was a BEAUTIFUL day with lot's of sunshine and SMILES!
It's hard to believe that 16 years ago Laurisa was singing at our wedding!

We miss having Josy around. It was so fun to be with her again!

The Family
Do you think it's too much?
We don't think so!
We had a great time helping out with the the ice-cream and candy stations for the reception.
It was decorated like an ice-cream parlor. It was AMAZING! They even had a photo booth
We got a little loopy by the end...:)
Visiting with family was the biggest treat!
Everyone LOVED dancing, well, everyone but MATTHEW.
Thomas even gave Grandma some tips!

We couldn't let Laurisa leave without getting one last picture
Emily wanted to be a princess just like Laurisa!
Emily knows how to be a princess even when she's swimming!
We just had to go to lunch at one of our favorite spots, Cafe Rio'

We couldn't get enough of the Arizona SUN, yes, everyone there really is a SUN and it really does make you WARM! :)

Monica and Laurisa helped Emily get ready for the big day. She loved being pampered and playing non stop with Paco and Roxy.
Roxy even tried to help Emily get into the pool. He could tell she was hesitant and kept nudging her to get in with him. When she finally did get in she got on a little raft. Roxy jumped up on her lap and fell asleep. I wish I had a picture it was so cute!
Joslyn was super busy (as ALWAYS) but that didn't stop her from making Thomas look perfect for the wedding day.
We are so glad we were able to be a part of Laurisa and Grafton's day. They are such a fun couple! They couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces the whole time we were there!
Congrats to a BEAUTIFUL couple!


The kids were DEVASTATED to miss the last 3 days of school this year. I am sure you SEE the TURMOIL and PAIN!
They are such troopers to SACRIFICE school for Laurisa's wedding and SUNSHINE :)
Truthfully, it's been a great year BUT we are READY for SUMMER!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"A kids life"

Thomas was one of the Grandpas in "A kids life". A musical his choir put on.
He had some great mentors (hee hee).
They all look alike don't they?
Holly Ryan was his wife. They were a perfect match :)
Thomas really knows how to bring life to whatever character he is playing! He is so animated and talented at making his role believable. He made a fantastic Grandpa!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Soccer

Coach J.D. Jeppson, Chris, Devin, Chris, Riley, Thomas, Coach Mike Whatcott,
Lincoln, C. J., Zac, Mason, Ben, Clay, Connor, Grayson
Strike a pose boys...
Thomas is one of their key defensive players. I am sure the other teams hate it when he is on the field! I love watching him attack the ball kicking it back toward the other teams goal.
I have learned a lot about soccer and I must say it is a very fun sport! (Especially when Thomas is on the field!)
Spring soccer proved to be FREEZING but SUCCESSFUL!
They won 6 out of 7 games during the season. The tournament was a bit rough but they made it to the playoffs with a wild card.
This was a game to REMEMBER!
It was very intense with both teams fighting to WIN! (It was a single elimination)
After going into overtime, both teams were still tied 1 to 1.
A "Shoot Out" would have to decide their fate.
Thomas' team did their very best but sadly, they didn't make the winning shot.
How can you feel too bad after playing an amazing final game like that?

The boys celebrated their great season by going to the REAL soccer game that afternoon.
Thanks for a great season Arsenal!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy 16th

Trail Running in Provo Canyon
May 6th was our 16th wedding anniversary. When we woke up I turned to Matt and said, "Take the day off" to my surprise he agreed!
I walked into the kitchen and a pair of awesome sandals were waiting for me on the counter. I was very surprised! Matt was SO proud of himself. He kept saying, "I was first this time!!!" It was so sweet and thoughtful!
We spent the day trail running for 2 hours, eating Indian food and shopping at R.E.I.
It was a perfect way to spend our anniversary TOGETHER!
I am so lucky to have the best husband in the whole world! (sorry ladies he's mine)

Hope of America

5th graders across Utah Valley gather together each year to present the Hope of America.
It's hard not to be proud to be an American when you listen to such amazing patriotic songs!
It's a great way to make sure these kids remember how blessed we are to live here.
Thomas and his buddies from school!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring in Lehi

Can we pretend today is warm and beautiful?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

1600 meter CHAMPION

Jac was DETERMINED to beat the Lakeridge girl who beat her this season. When the gun went off it was clear that the race for 1st place was between these two girls. The girl from Lakeridge pulled into first place; Jac settled in right behind her for the first 3 laps. Lap 4 came and she was READY... She made her move, pulling out in front and well, the rest is history :) She came in 1st place with a 5:41 mile! She came in 9 seconds ahead of the Lakeridge girl AND killed her PR by 10 seconds!!

800 meter TOP DOG!

Yes, the competition was TIGHT for the 800. Jac made her move on the last lap; we thought she was coming in for the win, until the last turn... 2 girls came out of "nowhere" giving her quite a shock! She finished in 3rd place coming in .29 of a second behind the first place girl! She was very pleased to learn she took 5 seconds off her PR.

"That's what's GREAT about Competition!"

Jac said as she came to give us a hug with a big smile on her face. She knew she had given her all and she felt great that she had done her best!

Jac's 4x4 relay team was an equally exciting race.
Jac was the 3rd leg and brought the team from 4th place up to second! (she is amazing!) Abby held the lead and the team finished in 2nd place!
Even in freezing temps these girls know how to have FUN!
The 8th grade girls team took 1st place for the 2nd year in a row!

Taking the VICTORY lap!
Jac's determination and hard work brought another successful season. She proved to herself that she could make the "impossible", reality!