Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

This year we were going to spend the day at the Parish's but they were SICK! We were so bummed not to have them with us. We were lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa Whiting, but it wasn't the same without the Parish's!
We took Grandma and Grandpa to play Laser Tag. Too bad the picture didn't turn out. Grandma didn't like shooting other people, it made her feel bad. She even had a little girl ask if she would give her a hug! That's something you don't usually see while playing Laser Tag!

The Christmas story.... Heaps style #2
 (this is what happens without Grandma Heaps' costumes and the Parish's creativity!)
Can you guess who's who?
He isn't asleep, he's the narrator of course!
It may not have been fancy but we had a lot of fun!! Especially singing around the piano while Grandma played Silent night and other beautiful hymns...It's amazing how music can bring the spirit into the room instantly!
Our annual "Cookies for Santa" picture
shh... don't tell anyone that we forgot to do it till Christmas morning!

The Nativity...Heaps style

Grandma and Grandpa Heaps had our family over for a delicious Christmas dinner.
We were excited to continue our tradition of acting out the Nativity with Grandma's amazing homemade costumes. I must admit the costumes were a bit better than the acting... :)
Jac - Wise woman (and singer?)
Emily -  Wise woman and lamb
Thomas -   Angel and donkey
Grandma - Narrator
Grandpa - Shepherd
Matt - Joseph
Jill - Mary

Even through the laughter the spirit was strong as we read the Christmas story and sang the beautiful hymns. It was a night to remember.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Miss MVP

Jac received the MVP award at the Cross Country team banquet...
It was fun listening to to the coaches talk about her :)
Most of the kids ended up at our house after...we LOVED it. All the kids are so great!
We love Lehi XC!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Concert

Emily was very excited to sing in her very first Christmas concert
She was especially excited for the donuts after :)
She got all her craziness from Grandpa!
Good Job Emily!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


South Carolina didn't know what they were in for when the "UTAH GIRLS" came to town!
As you can see, the girls were having a very low key day prepping for the big day...
They all ran an AMAZING race! 
Summer 1st; Candace 3rd; Jac 4th; Kenzie 11th; Emily 26th; and Angela 36th! 
Every girl got a PERSONAL BEST!
Not only did they do well on their own but they won 1st place as a team!
The girls did a little celebrating on the beach before the awards ceremony
Jacqueline received her medal from an Olympic Champion
As the girls went up to get their trophy their were boys standing by Matt saying:
"WOW! ALL the UTAH girls are good looking!"
His friend then said, "Ya, I need to move there!"
The girls had so much fun doing the craziest things...the memories will last forever!
Jac came home to this poster made by EMILY... Jac is the one with orange hair
This is Jac and Summer holding up the trophy together!
Jac running through the finish line with her medal and trophy.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Singing at the Joseph Smith Building

Emily's Childrens choir sang at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
I took these shots of Emily and Cambry before...quite the little Divas!
 It was the perfect evening to walk around Temple Square with our Hot chocolate warming our tummies :)
We were lucky to have Grandma Whiting come along with us! 

Emily and Thomas re-inacted Matt asking me to marry him...SO TENDER!
Thomas could only take so much! :)

The best Mom in the world!

Yes, my daughter is a goof ball!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Footlocker 2011!

Now to the reason we were in California...
Footlocker Nationals!
Thomas' race was first...

Thomas finished in 11th place out of the 7th and 8th grade division.
Out of the 15 boys to medal only 3 were in 7th grade!
Jacqueline's race was very last...she came with her high school cross country team...can you believe that she wanted to come with her team on a BUS instead of her dear ol' family! :)... GOOD CHOICE JAC!
She has memories that will last forever!
Jac finished in 27th place in the seeded race...(top girls in the nation!)
She was seeded at 86...came in 27th....not too shabby:)
It was so fun watching these two race; their hard work is paying off!