Friday, March 23, 2012

The first Jr. High track meet!

This was BIG, this was EXCITING!
Is this a cool sight or what?
The boys were getting pumped for the 800
 On your mark...Get set....GO!
 Thomas shot out and held a strong lead
 He finished with a 2:22! 
We love to cheer for Thomas!

Especially in good weather like this! 
Thomas was really looking forward to the mile
1st goal: break the school record of 5:36
2nd goal: break 5:00
They ran all the grades together and it was hard to get around everyone but Thomas did amazing!
 I think this has to be my favorite picture:
Thomas' teammate looking back as he is about to get passed as Thomas comes in first place with a:
He broke the school record!
actually, he pretty much SMASHED it :)
No worries, goal #2 will come another day!
Thomas' last race was the 4X4 relay

 Congrats Thomas!!


Lynn said...

Thomas, you are amazing, I hope you can hear our cheers from the Philippines.
We are very sad we couldn't be there to enjoy the thrill of watching you run.
We love you,
Elder Lolo and Sister Lola

(Grandpa and Grandma whiting)

Unknown said...

I haven't been on here forever! It is amazing to see how well your kids are doing! How fun! Love you guys!

Amber said...

Seriously?!! Amazing! Congrats Thomas!