Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Thomas' XC season...

All the seniors of SKYRIDGE XC
Thomas didn't get to race much this season but when he did he pushed as hard as he could...he started having IT band pain when he started running again after his fracture but he was determined not to let that stop him so he kept pushing through...
Thomas kept biting the inside of his mouth...blood was everywhere. His leg was hurting but he was determined to help his team
Region...Matt was rolling his leg to help warm it up!
Thomas was in pain from the get go...It was THE HARDEST race to watch EVER!
I had to hold myself back from taking him out of the race!  He wouldn't stop but you could see how painful each step was...this was not an IT band issue!
Thomas couldn't even walk when he finished. Matt and I had to catch a flight to California and it killed me to leave him. Luckily Mama Hinckley was there to watch over him all weekend. I'm so grateful for amazing friends and family!

The team made it to STATE with smiles on their faces :)
Well we found out Thomas now had a full break of his femur! The IT band pain was actually his femur breaking even more. 6 weeks of crutches meant no running for Tommy Boy. It was super sad but also a relief to know what the real problem was.
Thomas "ran" around the course cheering on his teammates...what a special bond these boys have! It wasn't the way we hoped his senior year would turn out but Thomas has stayed positive through it all knowing that the Lord has a plan for him and everything works out in time!
the "Tinkles"
Austin, Thomas and Michael 

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