Sunday, February 8, 2009


Thomas has loved playing basketball this season. It has been a great reason to get ourselves out of bed each Saturday for his 8:00a.m. games. Hey, who needs sleep right?!

It is always fun to watch Thomas play, he loves blocking, passing, steeling, and of course making lots of baskets!
One of the great highlights this year is that 6 of the kids on the team all come from our neighborhood! (Zac wasn't here for the picture). I keep thinking how great these boys will be when they play Deacon basketball together. They are learning to work really well with each other and they have been having so much fun doing it. Just wait a few years!

Basketball is great fun; playing with a good team is great fun; making friends for a lifetime...priceless!
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marilyn said...

Thomas is sooo fun to watch no matter what he is doing. Always a good sport and has his heart in whatever he is doing that is a great talent

Angee said...

I can't decide which is worse - 8am Saturday morning games or 8pm Tuesday nite games...

Jolyn Buhrley said...

These pictures are amazing. You got such great action shots! They are sooo much fun to see.....but not quite as much fun as seeing him play in person-now that was worth coming all the way down from Boise to see!:) He is such a great individual player and team player. Really, great photo's jill!