Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shaving fun!

As you can see, Emily is VERY HAIRY!!!! She is constantly saying how ITCHY her back is. It got so bad she begged me to shave it off! Pictures don't do it justice...believe me, she deserves the name "Furry little Monkey".
You should have seen the bathtub with all the hair; it's a miracle our drained didn't get clogged!

Will shaving it off will help the itchiness go away? So far it seems better. At least when she bends over it won't look like she has "plumbers bum" anymore (some of her hair made a wave in just the perfect spot!)

Who knows, maybe she'll branch out and want her arms and legs shaved too. Ha Ha...she is sitting next to me saying "NO WAY!"

This is just fine, I enjoy snuggling with my furry little monkey!
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marilyn said...

ah I bet that feels good, no more itching, she is the cutest monkey I have ever seen, and the only monkey that doesn't like bananas

Amber said...

I agree, Emily is the cutest monkey EVER!

Meg said...

HOORAY for hairless freedom EM!! So happy that the itching will lessen for you! You don't like banana's! You are a silly girl! I love you Miss Em! Thanks for letting Mom take those pictures so even if we weren't there... we could be part of the fun!
You are a sweet Monkey! Love you!

Christina said...

If that doesn't alleviate the itch for long, another suggestion I have is using clippers or neck trimmers w/o guards (or with a #1). It is quick and easy with no worries of blood! I do that on my arms so I don't get the stubbles growing back!