Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Emily and I went to Target today to look for CUTE barrettes(no luck! anyone have any tips? They need to be able to fit in a little amount of hair and actually stay!)

As we were walking down the isle we saw a little girl walking towards us with a MASK on!!! Emily was so excited. We stopped and talked with her. She is a 9 year old from Highland with Leukemia. She had a transplant in January and came home 1 week ago.

The two girls talked for a few minutes and showed each other their central lines. They were the same color! (Emily liked that!)

It was so fun to watch them talking together. Emily was so excited to meet someone else who had a bone marrow transplant. She couldn't stop talking about it!

As we were buying our things the cashier told Emily she read about a little girl just like her. I asked her if it was in the paper yesterday and she said, "Well, yes!" When I told her it was Emily she laughed and said she thought she looked familiar.

When we were in the parking lot a lady stopped to wish Emily good luck with everything. She explained that she read the article in the paper.

Emily LOVED that people recognized her...

...It was a very exciting and unique day at Target...


Quarnbergs said...

I dont know if you want to wait for us or stop by here karter has a hard time being there to long but let me know. do you txt

marilyn said...

How fun, I would have loved to see the two little girls, that is so rare, I think it is one of those "miracles" Heavnly Father knew what they both needed, to be able to share their experiences together. These tender mercies that we know are miracles, make me smile. I wish you would have had your camera with you. A customer came in to kinkos today just to bring me the Hearld cause she knew that was "my" Emily its amazing how people recognize her from the paper. I'm glad you had a fun day!

Jeremy Whiting said...

YAY! That makes me so happy to read. I know that the other girl was just as thrilled to meet Emily. It reminds me of when I see another person in a wheelchair, often we give each other a knowing little nod. I am lucky that I get to experience those little nods so often, because there are so many people who use wheelchairs. Of course our individual life experiences differ from person to person but I think it is comforting to know that someone shares an aspect of how you live.

Meg said...

Jill I found out that there is a website of a Utah woman that designed a bows and clips that even sticks in 3 strands of hair.