Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A successful clinic day!

Can you see? Yes, Emily weighed in at 18.6 kilograms today. This is DEFINITELY UP from her 16.8 kilograms 2 weeks ago. She gained almost 5 pounds!!!(Why isn't it a good thing when I gain 5 lbs?)

Emily didn't care, she just knew she was HUNGRY! I can't believe how many times I have heard these words come out of her mouth during the last 2 weeks. She told someone yesterday that her favorite part about being home schooled is that she can EAT! It is VERY strange to hear our daughter who usually couldn't care less about food to be almost obsessed about what she wants to eat next.

I have cut back the meds a little in hopes it will even things out. Regardless, she is finally making progress. I can honestly say that I really can see a difference in her energy proves how important it is to get enough calories if you want to feel your best!

As for the rest of our clinic visit, everything is going fantastic! WBC count is 4.6 and her ANC count is 2.8. They are both higher than last time so we are very happy with her progress!

Well I've got to run, Emily is...yep, you guessed it...HUNGRY!!!
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Jolyn Buhrley said...

I am soooo glad I peaked on your blog before I went to bed!! You made my whole day......YAHOOOOOOO!!!!
HAPPY EATING!!!!:):):)

Amber said...

What a relief!

Kellie said...

That is such great news. Keep up the good work Emily!!

Rose said...

Must be all that new hair on her head! lol I love her cute curly do!
My turn to take a couple of my boys to the docs! Hope they have gained weight too!

Christy said...

Hurray for Emily! Keep up the hardy appetite. Eat an extra cookie for me!

marilyn said...

Hurray for Emily, how I love you, you little turkey, I just got home from my morning run and grandpa told me you called and on your way to the hospital with Em, sick, fever and throwing up, I will call you as soon as I get out of the dentist and hopefully you will know something. I have the day off so I will come up to primary childrens as soon as I can Love you, hopefully this is not a set back just an inconveneince, she has been doing sooo good. Love you